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Chat transcripts suggest one of the perpetrators may have been planning to strike again.

Transcripts of chats obtained by German authorities indicate that the two men involved in attacks in the German cities of Ansbach and Würzburg had repeated contact with suspected members of Islamic State via telephone numbers registered in Saudi Arabia, among other places, SPIEGEL has learned.

If these people were NOT in Germany, these assaults would NOT happen.

And again...axe attacker was from Pakistan--he lied about his origin, as did hundreds of thousands of Afghans, Pakistanis, North Africans last year.

If you cannot absolutely prove your identity or threw away your documents--WHY are you allowed into Germany?

And if your documents are proven to be false--instant denial of your asylum application.

Germany does great work--and phony justification--AFTER these assaults.

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Instead, Ahmadzai announced, he would board a train and attack the first passengers that are convenient.

In the case of the other attack in Ansbach, committed by Mohammed Daleel of Syria, the authorities believe the perpetrator's death on July 24 was likely an accident.

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