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While federal health officials several weeks ago hinted this year’s outbreak might be reaching its peak, infection rates still were rising as of late last week.

The flu remained widespread in 48 states, including Nebraska and Iowa.

I agreed not to sue for child support as long as he stayed out of our lives. Her entire adult life has been spent caring for others – from the eight sons she raised to the neighbors she helps feed to the fellow seniors she impacts twice a week, every week at The Salvation Army’s Dora Bingel Sen…

I did not want him dropping in from time to time — I have seen the damage absentee fathers inflict on children, and I did not want our son subjected to his father’s whims. Time and energy are real obstacles to eating healthy, but if you have the right recipes and prepare just a few things ahead of time, home-cooked meals can actually be easier than prepackaged or takeout options.

Threesomes, according to a 2015 study, are men’s third most popular fantasy—following voyeurism and specific fetishes (e.g., feet). But there’s a wide gap between thinking about threesomes and actually having them, says Paul Joannides, Psy. Despite what you might have gleaned from the Internet, porn, or rumors you heard in college, the percentage of heterosexual men and women who say they’ve had one hovers around eight percent.

Public sex, getting it on with their current partner exclusively, and relishing their submissive side.

After raising a minimum of , participants will celebrate their efforts with a dash into freezing water at Cunningham Lake.

Once her children were grown and she was retired, Mary Manhart decided to get fit.

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Are you equally comfortable with trying something new?

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“They learn about us, and we learn about them,” said Nelson, a former Nebraska governor and U. Many people told stories of depression, debilitating cancers, addiction to opioids and children held hostage by violent seizures.

The program, called Project ECHO, features experts in the field who provide briefings on various aspects of the topic over a video and audio broadcast.

Participants also can submit cases and seek advice from the clinical experts on the team.

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