Actually dating jessica simpson

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"She gon' profit everything I taught," as Beyonce would say!

And besides, didn't he spend all that time telling me he wasn't ready to get married?

“She bounced all the checks, so we thought it best to wait a while,” says her mother, Tina Simpson, who swiftly confiscated it. “When I met Jess she didn’t know how to do anything for herself, because her parents and then Nick always did everything for her.” The two proceeded to spend an afternoon debating color schemes and background patterns, and soon Simpson, like most 25-year-old women, will be able to sign checks for herself.

It might seem like a small step, but for Simpson it’s a symbol of her new desire for independence.“I just feel alive. I feel like I can do anything and there’s nobody to answer to but myself,” says Simpson.

Now, a producer who worked on the MTV series is speaking out about what the real culprit was that came between Lachey and Simpson.

Turns out, it's a lot simpler (and less salacious) than the tabloids suggested in 2005.producer Sue Kolinsky, the thing that really drove these one-time sweethearts apart was the fact that they were just so different.

And with the recent announcement that Lachey has asked girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo to marry him, Jessica is reported to be in a pretty sad state right now. But not only is Jessica's ex getting married - he's marrying the girl he started dating only ) in the music video for Nick's first getting-over-my-breakup single, "What's Left Of Me." Should this fact make Jessica feel better or worse?

She's not the only girl who's gone through this - and I've heard from quite a few of them while on the road conducting interviews for my upcoming book, I met a single woman in San Francisco who swears that all her serious boyfriends ended up marrying the girls they dated immedately after her.

Which couple do you think will make it to the altar first?Simpson was only 22 when she married Lachey, who was seven years older than her, and it made a world of difference."He was frugal, and she had excessive taste," Kolinsky told the outlet. The only thing they really had in common was their music.She was really young; I think he's seven years older than her.And anyone who's ever passed by a supermarket tabloid stand knows that she's had her own impressive, if humiliating at times, slew of rebound guys - including current beau Eric Johnson, who seems to be making her genuinely happy (if you can determine these things by sifting through Twitter photos).But Jessica is ultimately an old-fashioned girl who's been fixated on walking down the aisle since Day One.

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