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Some people make appointments to see their therapist in person, others choose online counselling.

As a counsellor and therapist who offers both, my experience is that neither is better or worse than the other, they are just different.

The distractions of how someone is sitting, what they are wearing and what else is going on in the room are simply not present during online appointments.

A person meeting with a therapist online is often more comfortable than when the consultation is taking place in an unfamiliar office.

The consequences of substantive changes to complex and nuanced social ecosystems as a consequence of dematerialized and delocalized socialization are unpredictable and unknown.

Any such changes are high-stakes because the basic foundational components of civilization are being altered.

Webcam counselling means that you and the therapist see each other face to face, just like if you were together in the same room.And body language might be important where a counsellor is analysing someone.But psychoanalysis is only one type of counselling. To the extent that a network of tele-present humans, "will soon replace the network based on the physical proximity of actual people (GA: 35)." This is a trend--an ineluctable drift--that has become endemic to the "globalitarian" era (Virilio's portmanteau word is a contraction of globalization and totalitarian) which is dominated by "simulators of proximity (GZ: 41)." This trend is unwelcome and detrimental to human relations. Videotelephony, video chat (e.g., Skype, Facetime), establishes the individual as a tele-presence.

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