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* JCCV seeks guidance on gay issues MELBOURNE, 13 January – The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) is to establish a reference group to better understand the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members of the community.

The announcement follows a meeting last month between senior members of the JCCV and a number of people who identify themselves as gay or lesbian.

“We’re in the financial position that we need to get a part-time rabbi,” Berman said.

“He wasn’t able to consider that as an option.” Sephardi Association members, which number about 150, were informed of Rabbi Cohen’s departure in November last year.

”They put their own lives at risk and completely disregarded the dangers.

They smiled right through it,” Kolt said yesterday.

Eleven years later, it has produced 85 books and another six anthologies of shorter stories, and is about to link up with Monash University.A newsletter to members said that with “decreasing membership and high holy day donations, coupled with increasing operational costs”, the board could not afford the expense of a full-time rabbi.Berman added: “There are members within our congregation who are disappointed, who have made connections with Rabbi Cohen and feel it is a shame that he hasn’t been able to stay, and there are members who are looking forward to a new beginning with someone new.” The outgoing rabbi had tried to build up the Sephardi community, which is seeking younger members, but Berman admitted his organisation is going through “trying times”.”When I first saw them I didn’t think they were human.With their long clothes, I couldn’t see their feet and thought they were floating angels.” Kolt, born Izia Jablonska in 1936, has just published her remarkable story, , with the help of another remarkable story, the Write Your Story program.

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