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'He said he was 61 and an officer in the American Army,' says Kathleen.'Born and brought up in London, his family had moved to California when he was 17.'I didn't want him to think I was one of those stupid women,' she says.'But deep down I must have known how improbable the truth actually sounded. He's not a rich man and is devastated that I betrayed his trust.''I am trying to pay everyone back, but I'm virtually penniless.And although she raised a further £6,000 for 'Mr Allman' by draining her life savings, the final £20,000 came from a trusting friend, also a pensioner, who Kathleen essentially conned herself.Today, she confesses that she tricked him into believing he was lending to one of her sons to help him through a redundancy.

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Having divorced in 1973 after 11 years of marriage, she'd devoted herself to raising her sons.Either way, the cruel deception that had been carried out on Kathleen was not just of the emotional kind.She was the victim of a tale she confesses she has read many times before: a plot to con a lonely heart out of money - in her case, a staggering £36,000.But when she mentioned it to her own eldest son, he sounded the first note of caution.'He told me, "Whatever you do, don't send him any money",' Kathleen recalls.

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