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Theo James: No, because by that time we had bridged the boundary and the friendship gap and she knew how weird I was and I knew how weird she was. Theo James: Yeah, but I couldn’t tell you because I would get arrested.

The only thing that was difficult was grounding any of those scenes in something real because doing a kissing scene where you’re showing tattoos – and the awkwardness of having to take a shirt off and the fact that you’re in this dystopian future with strange clothing – the key is to anchor it as much as you can and find the reality in the situation. “It takes a little bit of time when you get to know anyone.

In 2011, the group followed up with their sophomore effort, Sleep Talk.

A reviewer at Still in Rock stated that their "shows are among the best in the world, with a inexhaustible generosity and a musical style with no equivalent.

Theo James: Terrible – and the full penetration sex was also very awkward. I’ve said this before: I think sometimes you have to make stuff happen chemistry-wise. But when you don’t and it’s very real and natural, that makes for the best scenes and also the most fun because if you have natural chemistry you can have fun and you can build on that. Theo James: Yeah, constantly, constantly yeah, with a videotape (laughs). It was fun and we hit the town quite a lot and drunk our weight in tequila.

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We went to the (Chicago) Blackhawks game and we met the mayor which was kind of fun, kind of random. Theo James: (laughs) Yeah, we met the mayor of Chicago.

Theo James: It was something that I felt was important to have in the character because he’s quite tough and unreadable. I felt it needed to be infused with a different shading, a different colouring here and there to make him a full, interesting, complex character – otherwise he’s a stock tough guy with a back tattoo constantly killing people. He’s not suddenly becoming a pussy, but he’s big enough to relay his sweet message when he can. But with a film, especially if you’re going to have to do more, then it can be counterintuitive, especially before it comes out.

DD: Do you have any memories of shooting in Chicago?

is a unique release that can only be experienced on Kate Carr‘s website: a Google sound map with approximately sixty pins representing sixty Soundcloud field recordings.

Click on the pin, see a photo of the location, listen to the sound: it’s that easy.

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