Updating bios from cd

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If you followed all of these steps correctly, then your computer will successfully reboot with the updated BIOS!

GDEMU is an SD card based replacement for the optical drive in Dreamcast console.

Below, tick the bubble for creating an MSDOS startup disk.After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.Then, enter the following command based on your BIOS: (for a complete list of switches, consult our forums) AWARD= awdflash /py /sn /f /cc /r AMI= afudos /P /B /N /C /E /K /Q /REBOOT PHOENIX=phlash While the update is in progress, do NOT touch your keyboard or turn off your PC.Avoid doing this while there is a possibility of a power outage as well.

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