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Takeaway service Just Eat used to charge a 50p debit or credit card fee – but has now introduced an addition 50p service charge which applies whether you choose cash or card.

Money experts have branded this decision “wrong” – Just Eat have hit back saying they were already planning to do this.

However, a spokesperson for Flyby said: “The change will inevitably result in price increases as businesses seek to recoup the associated costs they must incur that includes processing usage and covering fraudulent transactions.

“This will disadvantage the majority of those who now choose to rather pay for goods and services by cash or with a debit card.”Firms may also apply new fees to their services, which they can do no matter which payment method you choose.

As a result this may mean that companies bump up prices to compensate.

James Daley, founder of Fairer Finance, argues that consumers will still be better off, as it will be easier to look for the best deals.

In general, the tests are available for seedlings as young as 1-3 weeks.

And unfortunately, there's no way to look at a seed and be able to tell what gender it is.

Learn more about why it's hard to determine gender from looking at seeds Vegetating plants usually reveal their gender when they're just 3-6 weeks old from seed, but you have to know where to look.

There are many reasons growers would like to know plant gender as early as possible, as well as be able estimate the overall THC/CBD ratios of future buds!

When starting with "feminized" seeds (which you can usually only get from a breeder), all your seeds should end up being female, so determining male from female isn't very important.

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