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It was evident that the inquirer was not there to ask questions on matters of faith or salvation but to register his angst and anger against the host for labeling their church as Iglesia ni Manalo.

Eliseo Soriano comes off as the most queried man on earth today.

His work history is one tracked with many exciting debates – with the losers leaving in bitterness after their erroneous teachings were exposed. Eli does not flinch whenever he comes face to face with false preachers, it is said.

The INC are not excluded from the many fiery attacks of this evangelist.

As he did not want anyone of his people to be sacrificed if they defended him, Soriano left the country upon advice of his security personnel.

For the nth time, Soriano who has been based abroad for two years now is reiterating the call for debate with Manalo.

Therefore, to make a distinction that the church of Christ he was referring to is the one that believes in Christ as man, Soriano had to refer to this group as Iglesia ni Manalo, he said.

Further, Soriano reasoned out that the Wesleyans did not find it offensive if their church was referred to as the Church of Wesley, just as the Mormons and the Aglipays did not feel slighted when they were referred to as the Mormon church or the Aglipayan church.

Don’t you dare reverse the truth.” As published in Wikipedia, “Eliseo Soriano posted a paid advertisement in Manila Times broadsheets and invited the camp of Iglesia ni Cristo in a one on one debate and discussion.

The Iglesia ni Cristo answered Soriano on their program by asking him to debate first with Pope John Paul II which was bedridden at that time and died a few days after this was posted.” The INC minister, who was tagged as the 14th inquirer in the “Ask Bro.

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