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Ultimately, that caused them to break up again and, but the end of 1988, Frankie had left Salem.

Because of her condition, Laura unintentionally placed little Jennifer in danger by putting her on a bus alone.

(paternal uncle) Addie Horton (paternal aunt; deceased) Michael "Mickey" Horton I (paternal uncle; deceased) Marie Horton (paternal aunt) Sandy Horton (paternal cousin) Julie Olson (paternal cousin) Steven Olson (paternal cousin) Hope Williams (paternal cousin) Melissa Horton (paternal cousin; via adoption) Sarah Horton (paternal cousin; via adoption) Jessica Blake (paternal cousin) Jeremy Horton (nephew) Will Horton (paternal half-nephew; deceased) Alice Caroline Horton (paternal half-niece) Arianna Grace Horton (paternal grandniece) David Banning (paternal first cousin, once removed) Spencer Olson (paternal first cousin, once removed) Shawn-Douglas Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed) Zack Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed; deceased) Ciara Brady (paternal first cousin, once removed) Nick Fallon (paternal first cousin, once removed) Nathan Fallon (paternal first cousin, once removed) Scott Banning (paternal first cousin, twice removed) Eli Grant (paternal first cousin, twice removed) Claire Brady (paternal first cousin, twice removed) Glenn Gallagher (dated) Frankie Brady (dated/engaged) Alan Brand (dated) Emilio Ramrez (dated/engaged; deceased) Travis Malloy (dated) Colin Murphy (dated; deceased) Brandon Walker (dated) Patrick Lockhart (mild flirtation) Daniel Jonas (dated/lovers) Liam Frasier (dated) Eric Brady (he kissed her when he was drunk, drunk one-night-stand; dated) Used Hope's credentials to get a job at a prison where Jack was being held (1997) Helped Jack run from the law when he was officially a fugitive (circa 1997 through 1998) Gave a falce name (Ms.

Spencer) when volunteering in the prison infirmary to investigate the prison (February 2011) Withheld information from the police regarding the whereabouts of her Bo and Hope Brady while they were eluding the police (January 2011) Broke into the prison infirmary (February 2011) Stole Dr.

You’re involved in a scavenger hunt—boys versus girls—and you take off to help your team collect every item on the list.

The first several items are relatively easy but the last item is very unusual.

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