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90210 is available on the United States i Tunes Store in HD and SD quality for purchase.I caught the last twenty or so minutes of this film on my satellite TV's World Movies channel.To be sure, it pushes all the right buttons on an emotional level and it does railroad you down an inevitable headlong track of despair that most people will see coming a mile off. It's based on the true story of a girl who killed herself in Sweden.Lilya 4-Ever is a Swedish-made film that's almost entirely spoken in the Russian language, with a couple of lines of Swedish and English interspersed, mainly toward the end. Yes, that means it's a film that most people will have to "read".In one of the most tragic moments of cinema history, Lilya realises she's being abandoned and chases her mother outside to the car and begs her not to go.The English subtitling has Lilya saying: "I can't make it on my own! The scene ends with Lilya kneeling in the mud in her nightie, seemingly aware whatever future she may have had has been destroyed in one uncaring moment.'For a Green World' staat dan ook voor een groen én gezond leefklimaat!

Keeping in mind, that Lilya is a schoolgirl with no visible means of support, with her mother now on the far side of the world.

She spends her idle moments dreaming of a better life amid glue-sniffing escapades and parties, all set among a backdrop of urban decay.

The bleakness of her environment; buildings, weather and all, is magnificently captured.

Lilya has a painting of some Orthodox children's guardian angel, to which she prays to periodically.

If there was ever a sad indictment of putting one's faith in the unseen and the make-believe, that is it. It gets worse for Lilya (it doesn't get better).

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