Dating carib directory ots backdating

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After a month, the slave owners suppressed the revolt.Curaçao's proximity to South America resulted in interaction with cultures of the coastal areas.The original inhabitants of Curaçao were Arawak people.Their ancestors had migrated to the island from the mainland of South America, likely hundreds of years before Europeans arrived.The Spaniards enslaved most of the Arawak as their labour force.

More than 1,000 slaves took part in extended gunfights.

They were believed to have migrated from the Amazon Basin.

The first Europeans recorded as seeing the island were members of a Spanish expedition under the leadership of Alonso de Ojeda in 1499.

Although a few plantations were established on the island by the Dutch, the first profitable industry established on Curaçao was salt mining.

The mineral was a lucrative export at the time and was a major factor for the island being part of international commerce.

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