Face book speed dating

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I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Tiffany Whitehead, aka The Mighty Little Librarian, Mrs.

Kirr’s Genius Hour Blogspot, and mrsreaderpants for the book speed dating resources provided on their blogs.

To “inflect” is not to copy or trace some thing, but to adapt it according to the characteristics of the space in which the adaptation takes place [3].

As with all inflections (called, by Deleuze, “expressions”), CSD does not talk about the process methodologically (, as the application of a model to a new object), but just does it. CSD is also fascinating because of the way it inflects the better known, yet very different, practice from literary pedagogy of close reading. The most unique characteristic of Facebook is its role today as a reading technology.

CSD is an inflection of Deleuze-Guattarian ideas on thinking.Contents Introduction Part 1: Facebook Part 2: Conceptual Speed Dating Part 3: Close Reading using Facebook Tools for jimmying experience Introduction There is a minor practice, used regularly by a group of artists, academics and writers, called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD).Some of scholars use the practice in their classrooms too, engaging undergraduate students in course content and discussion (Massumi, 2015).Finally, the students in English 9 came during their choice reading time, with an ID and a pencil in hand.After hearing the overview of how Book Speed Dating would roll, the students launched into the books at the sound of the browse buzzer.

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