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Where the original NBA editions were exclusively in German, the volumes of the Revised series have their introductions both in German and English.

Its first volume, NBArev 1, was a new edition of the Mass in B minor, appearing in 2010.

So, for example, the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major can be indicated as "C. Wolfgang Schmieder, the editor of that catalogue, grouped the compositions by genre, largely following BG for the collation (e.g.

Canon triplex a 6: first printed in 1747 (below), it appears on both versions of the portrait Haussmann made of Bach (1746, 1748 – above). 1", etc.) This offered a unique identification of all of Bach's known works, a system that was quickly adopted, for instance by the biographers: Philipp Spitta used it complementarily to the Peters edition numbering for the BG volumes that had appeared when he was writing his Bach-biography in the second half of the 19th century (e.g. But there was still a lot of confusion: some authors preferred to list Bach's works according to Novello's editions, or Augener's, or Schirmer's,...

In the 19th-century Bach Gesellschaft edition the canon was published in Volume 45) mentions Haussmann's paintings as original sources for the work (p. giving rise to various conversion tables at the end of books on Bach's compositions (e.g.

The dating of BWV 1027–1028 is explained in detail by Jones (2013) in his analysis of Bach's instrumental works.

including his flute sonata in E major (BWV 1035), the triple concerto in A minor for flute, violin and harpsichord (BWV 1044) and the trio sonata for flute, violin and continuo from the Musical Offering (BWV 1079).

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