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A representative from Aurora Cannabis, another licensed producer that happens to be headquartered in Vancouver, will host an interactive session on strains and terpenes, the chemical compounds in cannabis responsible for its unique aroma.Vancouver shops including Aura Health Studio and Dispensary and the Village Dispensary will be represented as well, in modules about cannabis and fitness and cannabis for seniors and the aging population.People talking about Roman Catholicism, Sikhism, Atheism, Anglicanism, Buddhism, Ethiopian Orthodoxy, First Nations Spirituality, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Protestantism, Quakerism, Scientology, Unitarianism and Zoroastrianism met on Sunday at the The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton.(Flora Pan/CBC) The bell rings and groups of people spring to their feet. Pat Simpson just finished talking with a woman about Islam and now wants a seat at the Bahá'í table.They first met in the church or mosque, and eventually moved to rotating to each other's homes."They become like a big family, an extended family." While the speed-meet isn't enough time for participants to develop strong relationships with others like Ghouse was able to in her community, having more of these events might just do the trick.She is part of a women's group at her mosque that has an close relationship with women at St. "They didn't know anything about Islam, so we formed an idea to get together and find out," Ghouse said.

Tasneem Ghouse talked to all visitors on Sunday about Islam.Guests will, however, get to see, smell, and feel most of the other products on hand—and even try special noninfused samples by Gracenotes, an edibles manufacturer specializing in cannabis-infused gourmet chocolates.Highlighting some of the sessions planned for the evening, Rae said a representative from Nanaimo-based licensed medical cannabis producer Tilray will discuss the latest in cannabis research and explain what happens when the compounds in cannabis interact with cells in the human body."Mainly it was [about] how similar we are." For Simpson, chair of the worship committee at the St.James United Church in Waterdown, this event is a source for ideas on how to implement something similar in her community.

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