David desrosiers dating

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David’s paternal grandfather is Jean-Yves Desrosiers.

Simple Plan bassist David Desrosiers says he's taking a temporary leave from the pop-punk band as he fights depression.

His ex-wife Malorie doesn't want to admit she still has feelings for him (and her friends won't let her). Pierre Bouvier leads a simple life with his daughter, Chloe. This story will be recounted by the band's closest friend and confidant, Patrick Langlois, and will document the rise and fall of one of the most beloved pop punk bands in the world.

But when Pierre is afflicted with a life-threatening illness, how will that change the dynamics? But, a shake up is about to happen and he isn't prepared for the complications that will cause. Especially to his best friend and band mate, Pierre Bouvier. For like jars of clay, they were broken, discarded…but Pierre isn't going to give up on them.

Eh oui, tes années de fangirl intense sur le sexy bassiste du groupe Simple Plan devant ton ordinateur étaient maintenant loin derrière toi…

Mais même si tu étais maintenant une adulte, une petite partie de l’adolescente en toi sentait la nervosité monter tout doucement.

Privé de sommeil dû à des insomnies, il marche parmi les ombres dépourvues de vie, à la recherche de quelque chose qui fera raviver la flamme qui l'habitait sur scène, auparavant.

Évite-t-il simplement la compagnie du silence de son appartement?

He is the son of André Desrosiers and Charlotte Bernier.Her world and his are on a collision course; whether it will end in peace remains to be seen.David hurt his hand while crowd surfing, the events that follow have himself and his band-mates falling in love. "Okay, David just informed me that he doesn't like you today Chuck," J'ai un jour cru que ne pas réussir à rencontrer le groupe qui a changé ma vie serait un vrai cauchemar.But, he must ride the storm so he can be certain of his future. He is going to pick up the pieces and put them back together again. After a disastrous fifth album release, the future of Simple Plan is uncertain. He kept on writing on it until he would find the courage to give it to Pierre. David Desrosiers and Pierre Bouvier are not only in a band together but also best friends. With a growing rift between the members, and different passions pulling them in different directions, no one's sure how they'll reconcile the band. But what happens when Pierre is no where to be found?

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