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” While doing some research on another question, I came across a list of the biggest school districts in the country.

During the 2003-2004 school year, 87 school districts had more than 50,000 students enrolled.

But integrating the systems of two banks is risky because of their complex nature and the fact that they are business critical for 24 hours a day.

If it goes wrong customer confidence can be damaged.

Peter Redshaw, an analyst at Gartner, says Banco Santander's real advantage is that it has been through this process before.

Banco Santander UK Acquisitions October 2004: bought Abbey for £9.5bn planned to reduce costs by £300m July 2008: agrees £1.3bn takeover of Alliance and Leicester and expects to make efficiency savings of between £30m and £50m September 2008: £612m acquisition of Bradford & Bingley agreed.

What Abbey's integration to Partenon involved All customer records moved onto a single database, reducing the total number from 52 million to 20 million.

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