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According to statistics, around 72 prisoners were killed as a result of torture in Israeli prisons since 1967, out of a total number of over 200 prisoners who died behind bars.

com/jewishissues/israeldiary/ The photo of a bloodied Tuvia Grossman became a symbol in the struggle to ensure that Israel receives the fair media coverage that every nation deserves.In April 2002, a District Court in Paris ordered the French daily newspaper “Liberation” and the Associated Press to pay damages to Grossman in the amount of 4,500 Euro.The Court condemned the Associated Press for “mispresenting [Grossman] as a member of the Palestinian community,” while the court censured “Liberation” for “publishing the litigious picture with a comment edited the same faulty way, giving the picture a meaning and a scope it could not have.” Even more remarkable is that Arab groups have adopted Grossman’s photo to use in their own propaganda campaigns, cynically using a bloodied Jew as a symbol of the Palestinian struggle.Click here to see a larger size of the Grossman poster.Ten years after the photo that started it all, Honest Reporting reunited Tuvia Grossman with Israeli border policeman Gidon Tzefadi who rescued him from the Palestinian mob.

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