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AGC Associated General Contractors AGCRSP Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program AGEMCV abovegrade earth-mounded concrete vault Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 5 AGI annual general inspection (an inspection that embraces all phases of a particular command, installation, or activity of the DA) AGIH-TLV American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists, Threshold Limit Values AGL above ground level AGM assistant general manager AGM associate general manager AGMA American Gear Manufacturers Association AGN teaching reactor built by Aerojet-General Nucleonics AGNS Allied-General Nuclear Services AGOS Air Ground Operations School AGR Active Guard/Reserve (Army Guard/Reserve) (RC soldiers on full-time duty or on active duty [other than for training or active duty in the AC] for 180 days or more in support of an RC unit or program) AGR Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor AGR ATO general remarks AGS alternating gradient synchrotron, BNL AGS American Glovebox Society AGS Annular Gas System AGU American Geophysical Union AGZ actual ground zero AHA American Heart Association AHAM Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act AHF anhydrous hydrofluoric acid AHFR-1 Argonne High-Flux Reactor AHJ authority having jurisdiction AHP analytic hierarchy process AHPA Archaeological and Historic Protection Act AHR Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor AHS Army Academy of Health Sciences AHTL ATR high-temperature loop AHU air handling unit AHW atomic hydrogen welding Ai percent relative atom abundance AI accessioning interface AI air intercept AI air interdiction AI analog input AI artificial intelligence AI Atomics International (division of Rockwell International) AI authorized inspector AI or A-I acceptance by inspection AI or A/I Accident/Investigation (safety course) AIA accuracy in academia AIA Aerospace Industries Association AIA American Institute of Architects AIA American Insurance Association AIA Army information architecture (a framework that depicts the relationship of elements involved in Army information management. AUTODIN interface device AIE army information engineer AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers AIF Assessment Input Form AIF Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc. Approximately 140 AMSAs located throughout the country will play a major role in maintaining USAR equipment during mobilization.) AMSCO American Sterilizer Company AMSL above median sea level AMSN air mission Amtrak American Railroad Tracks (National Railway Passenger Corporation) AMU Associated Midwestern Universities AMWG Accident Management Working Group AMWTF Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Facility AMWTP Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project AN Air Force-Navy (aeronautical standards) AN alphanumeric AN Army-Navy ANA Air Force Navy Aeronautical ANAF Army-Navy-Air Force ANAL analytical holding time ANC Aerojet Nuclear Company ANC Air Force-Navy Civilian ANCR Aerojet Nuclear Company Report ANDVT advanced narrow band digital voice terminal ANEC American Nuclear Energy Council ANEP advanced nuclear energy products ANG Air National Guard of the United States (the air portion of the organized militia of the several States, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and Territories of Guam and Virgin Islands, whose units and members are Federally recognized) ANGTA Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act ANGUS Air National Guard of the United States (an RC of the USAF, all of whose members are members of the ANG) ANI American Nuclear Industries ANI American Nuclear Insurers (insurance company pool) ANI authorized nuclear inspector ANI automatic number identification ANIM Association of Nuclear Instrument Manufacturers ANK alphanumeric keyboard ANL Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois) ANL-E Argonne National Laboratory-East ANL-ID Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho Division ANL-W Argonne National Laboratory-West (INEEL) ANMC American National Metric Council ANN aluminum nitrate nonahydrate ANOVA analysis of variance ANP Advanced Nuclear Programs (group) ANP aircraft nuclear propulsion ANPM Aerojet Nuclear Policy Manual ANPP Aerojet Nuclear policies and procedures ANPP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program ANPR advanced notice of proposed rulemaking ANR Association of Neutron Radiographers ANS advanced neutron source ANS American Nuclear Society ANSCAT Scattering Angle Reactor Physics Computer Code ANSI American National Standards Institute 8 Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 ANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization anti-C anticontamination (protective clothing) AO abnormal occurrence AO analog output AO Area of Operation AO Area Office of AL AOB air order of battle AOC area of contamination AOG Augmented Off-Gas System AOI advance ordering information AOI area refueling AOO anticipated operational occurrences AOP abnormal operating procedure AOR Abnormal Occurrence Report (NRC) AORS Automated Orders System AOS Automated Office System AOT allowed outage time AOT alternative oxidation technology AP access permit AP acquisition plan AP advanced passive AP alkaline permanganate AP Associated Press APA Administrative Procedure Act APA all points addressable APA American Plywood Association APAC alkaline permanganate-ammonium citrate (a decontamination solution) APB automated performance benchmark APC Advanced Process Control (system) APC argon purge cart APC Automatic Process Control APCA Air Pollution Control Association APCEF Advanced Power Conversion Experimental Facility (U. Army gas-cooled reactor systems development, Fort Belvoir, Virginia) AP COST capital costs of shield and vessels AP COST Engineering Reactor Computer Code APCSB Auxiliary and Power Conversion Systems Branch (NRC) APD advanced planning document APD air particulate detector APDA Atomic Power Development Associates APDMS Axial Power Distribution Monitoring System A-PE approval by project engineer APED Atomic Power Equipment Department (part of NED) APET accident progression event tree APEX Argonne Plasma Engineering Experiment APFA American Pipe Fittings Association APG A Power for Good (British pronuclear group) APHA American Public Health Association API American Paper Institute API American Petroleum Institute APIC absolute pressure indicator controller APL Acquisition and Policy Letter (DOE) APL Applied Physics Laboratory (University of Chicago) APL authorized possession limits APL programming language APO American Post Office APO-CR Annual Operating Plan Change Request APOE Aerial Port Of Embarkation APP Applications Portability Profile APPA American Public Power Association appm atomic parts per million APPM acquisition planning and procurement manager APPR Army Package Power Reactor APR advance production release (LLL) APR Army Power Reactor APR automatic pressure relief APRF Aberdeen Pulsed Reactor Facility APRM average power range monitor APS American Physical Society APS American Protective Services, Inc. ATL audit team leader ATM alpha track monitor ATM antitactical missile ATM automatic teller machine ATMS Advanced Text Management System ATMX atomic monitors explosives transport (railcar) ATO Air Tasking Order (USAF) ATOCONF Air Tasking Order Confirmation ATOS Automated Technical Order System ATP acceptance test procedure (SIS) ATP Advanced Technology Program ATP airline transport pilot ATP authorization to proceed ATR Advanced Test Reactor ATR critical assembly (KAPL) ATR-1 irradiation experiment using a full-scale target element ATRC Advanced Test Reactor Critical (facility) ATRCE Advanced Test Reactor Critical Experiment ATRE ATR experiments ATRO ATR Operations ATRRS Army Training Requirements and Resources System (RCAS interface) ATS Audit Tracking System ATS automatic transfer switch ATS Aviation Training Site ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry ATSR automatic time-step reduction ATSR Argonne Thermal Source Reactor ATTENU-2 Attenuation Factor Reactor Physics Computer Code attn.

The architecture is a blueprint for developing specific plans and actions for managing Army information.) AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AIBS American Institute of Biological Sciences AIC American Institute of Chemists AICE American Institute of Consulting Engineers AICh E American Institute of Chemical Engineers AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICS Automated Inquiry Control System AID Agency for International Development AID adjustment for improved delivery AID altered item drawing AID Associated Intermountain Directories (telephone) AID automatic identification AID or A. AIG Address Indicator Group AIGS Auxiliary Inerting Gas Subsystem AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association AIHX auxiliary intermediate heat exchanger AIIE American Institute of Industrial Engineers AIIM Association of Imaging and Information Management AII-V Automatic Industries, Inc., Vitro Engineering AIM Accident Investigation Manual AIM Accuracy in Media, Inc. ALPHGR average linear planar heat generation rate ALPR Argonne Low Power Reactor ALPR Army Low Power Reactor (redesignated SL-1; now dismantled) ALQAR analytical laboratory quality assurance representative ALRR Ames Laboratory Research Reactor, Ames, Iowa 5 MW(t) ALS Advanced Light Source (LBL-proposed synchrotron radiation facility) ALSI aluminum silicon (alloy used in slug canning process at Hanford) ALWR Advanced Light-Water Reactor AM activity manager AM amplitude modulation AM Applied Mechanics AM area manager AM assistant manager a.m. (succeeded by PTI) APS Atmospheric Protection System APS-1 Power Reactor, 30 MW(t), Obninsk, U. attention ATTS Aviation Technical Training Site ATTW Association of Teachers of Technical Writing ATU Amalgamated Transit Union ATU aqueous test unit ATV all-terrain vehicle ATWS anticipated transient without scram AUA Association of University Authors AUDIT Army uniform data inquiry technique AUDIT automatic unattended detection inspection transmitter AUI Associated Universities, Inc. Louis, MO, 63120-1798) AVT all-volatile treatment AW area warden (emergency preparedness) 12 Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 A1W Large Ship Reactor Prototype A2WEnterprise aircraft carrier A1W-A Large Ship Reactor, "A" Plant A1W-B Large Ship Reactor, "B" Plant AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System (USAF) AWARE Alerting Women about Resources in Energy (Florida volunteer educational group) AWC area warden coordinator (emergency preparedness) AWCU Atomic Workers Credit Union (now WFCU) AWG American wire gauge AWG automatic weight gauge AWI Architectural Woodwork Institute AWIS Army WWMCCS Information System AWLPG AL Workload Planning Guidance AWMPO Airborne Waste Management Program Office AWOL absent without leave AWP Annual Work Plan (DOE) AWQC Ambient Water Quality Criteria AWS American Welding Society AWSF Alpha Waste Storage Facility AWU Associated Western Universities AWWA American Water Works Association AWWTMP areawide waste treatment management planning AWX all weather -BB brazed (ASME Code Sec. BG Biotechnology and Geosciences B-G beta-gamma BGL below ground level BGRR Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor, BNL, Long Island, New York, 20 MW(t) BGV belowground vault (low-level-waste disposal technology) BGW Barnwell groundwater BHI Bechtel Hanford, Inc.

Abbreviations that are not units of measure or chemical symbols but that begin with a symbol (e.g., %C) or a number (e.g., 2,4-D) appear on page 138.

This list cites the preferred form of an abbreviation first.

AIM acquisition interface module AIM Action for Independent Maturity (division of AARP) AIM American Indian Movement AIM American Institute of Management AIM Automated Information Management (system) AIMI Army intensively managed item AIMME American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers AIMMPE American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers AIMS automated imaging system AIMS automated image management system AIMS Automated Information Management System AINSE Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering AIP American Institute of Physics 6 Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 AIP approval in principle AIPE American Institute of Plant Engineers AIR American Institutes for Research AIR Analysis and Internal Review AIR Approach, Implementation, and Results AIR ATO Identifier Record AIREK-11 Group and Feedback Kinetics Reactor Computer Code AIRFA American Indian Religious Freedom Act AIRI Atomic Industry Research Institute AIRMP Army Information Resources Management Program (AR 25-1) AIRTEMS Automated Individual Reserve Training Enrollment Management System (a DARMS application) AIS advanced isotope separation (LLNL process; AVLIS as applied to uranium enrichment) AIS Automated Information System AISC American Institute of Steel Construction AISE Association of Iron and Steel Engineers AISI American Iron and Steel Institute AIT Augmented Inspection Team AIT autoignition temperature AITS Action Item Tracking System AIW-(A) large ship reactor "A" AIW-( large ship reactor "B" AIWM American Institute of Weights and Measures AIX after ion exchanger AJEX AGOS Joint Exercise aka also known as AKDC Automatic Key Distribution Center AKK Atomkraftdonsortiet Krangede Ad & Co. AUI attachment unit interface AURIGA classified project AUS Army of the United States AUT Automated Ultrasonic Test (NDE system) AUTODIN Automated Digital Network (U. Armed Forces Communication Network) AUTOS Annual Unit Training On-Line System (DARMS application) AUTOSEVOCOM Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network AUX auxiliary AUXI-ATOME Societe Auxiliare pour l’energie Atomique, Paris, France AV audiovisual AVAS Automatic Voice Annunciation System AVB antivibration bar AVC automatic voltage control AVCRAD Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot AVIS atomic vapor isotope separation AVLIS atomic vapor laser isotope separation (LLNL-developed uranium-enrichment process selected by DOE for SIS project) AVMS Annulus Vacuum Maintenance System AVR Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor (Germany) AVR automatic volume recognition AVSCOM Aviation System Command (Address: U. VIII-l Vessel Marking) B butt weld BA boric acid BA breathing air BA budget authority BA budget authorization B. Bachelor of Arts BAA best available answer BAC Budget at Completion BAC The Bendix Corporation BACT best available control technology BAE Bureau of Agricultural Economics BAF bacon anisotropy factor BAF bioaccumulation factor BAFO best and final offers BAG bioassay group BAI battlefield air interdiction B&A bid and award B&F Budgets and Finance B&PV boiler and pressure vessel B&PVC Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME) B&R Budget and Reporting B&RC Budget and Reporting Classification B&T CANYONS Bismuth Phosphate Precipitation Process Separation Plant, Hanford B&W Babcock & Wilcox B&W black and white BAO building access only BAP branch arm piping BAPE branch arm piping enclosure BAPL Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory BAPS branch arm piping shielding BARCAP Barrier Combat Air Patrol BAS Battlefield Automated System (an AIS designed for field use by the Army) BAS Breathing Air System BASIS Budget and Schedule Integrated System BASOPS Base Operating System BASS BCE Automated Support System (a TACS software subsystem) BAT best available technology BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms BATT best available treatment technology BB block brazing (welding) bbl barrel(s) BBRR Brookhaven Beam Research Reactor BBWI Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC BC before contract can be awarded B. before Christ bcc body-centered cubic bcc blind carbon copy BCD binary coded decimal BCE battlefield control element BCFT Beyond Critical Heat Flux Test BCL Battelle Columbus Laboratory BCL Bechtel Client Letter BCMS Boron Concentration Monitoring System BCP Baseline Change Proposal BCP Baseline Change Request BCPCT best conventional pollutant control technology BCS Bardeen, Cooper, Schrieffer BCS Baseline Cost Study BCS Boeing Computer Services, subsidiary of Richland, Inc. BHMA Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association BHP biological hazard potential BI background investigation BI beginning inventory (SNM control) BI book inventory (SNM) BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA Buyers Information Advisory BIF basic in flow BIFMA Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association BIG-5 Group Cross Sections, Reactor Physics Computer Code BIL basic impulse level BIL basic insulation level BIO basis for interim operation BIOS biological investigation of space, NASA satellite project BIPM International Bureau of Weights and Measures Biso- two layer fuel particle coating BISO multilayered fuel-particle coating consisting of pyrolytic carbon BISO multilayered non-Si C-coated particles BISO two-layer pyrolytic carbon coating (particles) BITE built-in test equipment BJ Byron Jackson Pump Division (Borg-Warner) BKC Bendix, Kansas City BKR breaker black oxide U3O8 bldg.

(nuclear power study group, Stockholm, Sweden) AKNLDG acknowledge set within USMTF messages AKUT Abtrennung von Krypton und Tritium (Federal Republic of Germany process) AKV AKB Atomkraftwerk, Simpevarp, Sweden (proposed power reactor, 170 MW[t]) AL action (indicator) level--those radiological doses and concentrations at which actions should be taken AL Albuquerque Operations Office (DOE) AL Analytical Laboratory (ANL-W) AL analytical limits AL area landlord ALAP as low as practicable ALARA as low as reasonably achievable ALARP as low as reasonably practicable ALC Agency Location Code ALC Air Logistics Center ALC approximate lethal concentration ALC Army logistical carrier ALCC Airlift Control Center ALCE airlift control element ALCM air-launched cruise missile ALCP area local control panel ALECTO Homogeneous Research Reactor Zero Power, CEA, Saclay, France ALI annual limit on intake ALIC ATR loop increased capacity (or capability) ALICE fusion research device at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory ALIP annular linear induction pump ALLM Automated Load List Module ALLSAFE Alliance for Safe Available Future Energy (pronuclear group) ALMS Auxiliary Liquid Metal System ALO Air Liaison Officer ALO Albuquerque Operations Office (DOE) ALO authorized level of organization ALOHA area locations of hazardous atmospheres ALP assembly language preprocessor ALPHA fusion device, Leningrad, U. BCT best conventional technology BCW Budgeted Cost of Work BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled BDA battle damage assessment BDA bomb damage assessment BDAT best demonstrated available technology BDB Bus Dispatch Building Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 13 BDBA beyond design basis accidents BDE backlog of deferred equipment BDE brigade BDHT Blowdown Heat Transfer Program BDL below detection limit BDP Business Development Plan BDS Bureau of Disaster Services BDSA Business and Defense Service Administration BDSIS Business Decision Support Information System BDT best demonstrated technology BDU bomb disposal unit BE Bartlesville BE best estimate model BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce BEAR Biological Effects of Atomic Radiation, a committee established by the National Academy of Sciences BEC beginning of equilibrium cycle BEC Boeing Engineering and Construction Company BEC Bureau of Employees’ Compensation BEIR Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation (NAS-NRC committee) BEMA Business Equipment Manufacturers Association BEPS Building Energy Performance Standards BER Berliner Experimentire Reactor (Berlin, Germany) BERC Bartlesville Energy Research Center (DOE) BES Basic Energy Science (DOE long-range research program) BES Business Element Structure BEST Battery Energy Storage Test BETHSY Boucle Etudes Thermo-Hydraulic System Bettis Bettis Plant (DOE) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania BETTIS Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory (formerly BAPL) BFA before final acceptance BFA/UGA backfit analysis/safety upgrade analysis BFB bromofluorobenzene BFE broken fuel element BFM bessel function model BFR before fabrication release BFS Blind Field Standard BFS Brazilian thorium sludge BFS fast critical assembly, Obninsk, U. building BLEVE boiling liquid-expanding vapor explosion BLIND Cell Constant Transport Computer Code BLIS baffle/liner interface seal BLM Bureau of Land Management (Department of Interior) BLO Bausch & Lomb Optical (company) BLP bypass label procedure (computer JCL) BLQ basic LOFT qualification bls below land surface BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics BLTC bottom loading transfer cask BLUP-3 (kinetics) Scram Effectiveness Reactor Computer Code blvd.

Facility BSF Bulk Shielding Facility, Oak Ridge BSI British Standards Institute BSIP Business System Improvement Project BS/M baseline substitution/modification BSO biosafety officer BSR Board of Standards Review (ANSI) BSR Bulk Shielding Reactor BSR-1 Bulk Shielding Reactor, Oak Ridge, 1 MW(t) BSR-2 Bulk Shielding Reactor, Oak Ridge, 750 MW(t) BST blowdown suppression tank BSU Boise State University BT bubble test BT burned TRISO (particles--HTGR) BTC Budget to Complete BTF Boiling Test Facility BTLT bubble test leak test BTP Branch Technical Position (shortened from "Technical Position on Waste Form," published by the Low-Level Waste Management Branch of the NRC) BTRY battery BTS batch transfer sheet BU backup BU before use BU business unit BUO background use only (not a national security designation) Bu Rec Bureau of Reclamation Butex dibutoxy diethyl ether, used in separation process of U and Pu in the United Kingdom BW butt weld BWG Birmingham wire gauge BWID Buried Waste Integration Demonstration BWIP Basalt Waste Isolation Project (discontinued due to Amendments Act of 1987) BWIS Buried Waste Information System BWM bag waste monitor BWP boiling water plant BWP Buried Waste Program BWPO Buried Waste Program Organization BWR boiling-water reactor BWR Experimental Boiling Water Reactor, ANL (decommissioned) BWROG boiling water reactor owner’s group BWRPM buried waste retrieval process model BWST borated water storage tank BWXT BWX Technologies, Inc.

ACCS Army Command and Control System ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency ACE Army Corps of Engineers ACE assistant chief of engineers ACE Association for Cooperation in Engineering ACEC American Consulting Engineers Council ACECO American Crane and Equipment Company ACETS Advanced Combined Environments Test Station ACF Access Control Facility ACF American Car and Foundry Company, Inc. ARC Accpimtomg Requirements Code ARC Administrative Record coordinator ARC American Red Cross ARCOM Army Reserve Command (a TDA headquarters of the USAR established to provide command and control of attached, nondivisional USAR units in a specified area. There are 20 ARCOMs in the United States and in the Federal Republic of Germany.) ARCT air refueling control time ARD atomic research development ARDA Advanced Reactor Development Associates ARDA Atomic Research and Development Authority, State of New York ARDC Administrative Record and Document Control ARDCC Administrative Record and Document Control coordinator AREA American Railway Engineering Association AREA Americans for Rational Energy Alternatives AREA Army Administration and Hot Cell Area AREA Army Reactor Experimental Area ARF Airborne Release Fraction ARFOR Army Forces ARG Accident Response Group ARG alarm response guide ARGL alarm response guidelines Argonaut Argonne nuclear assembly for university training, ANL (CP-11) ARHCO Atlantic Richfield Hanford Company ARI Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute ARLFRD Air Resources Laboratory Field Research Division ARLFRO Air Research Laboratory Field Research Office ARM antiradiation missile ARM aqueous raffinate material ARM area radiation monitor ARM Army Reserve management (RCAS functional module) ARM assembly, resupply, and maintenance (SIS) ARME aerial radiological monitoring equipment ARMF Advanced Reactivity Measurement Facility ARMF-I Advanced Reactivity Measurement Facility No.

ACFT aircraft ACGIH American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists ACGIH-TLV American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists, Threshold Limit Values ACGLF adjustable center of gravity lifting fixture ACH automated clearing house ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACI Allied Chemical Internal (report) ACI American Concrete Institute ACIH American Conference of Industrial Hygienists ACL alternate concentration limits ACL Analytical Chemistry Laboratory ACLE Database Management System ACLP above core load pad (fuel assembly) ACLS advanced cardiac life support ACM asbestos-containing material ACM Association for Computing Machinery ACM AUTODIN Communications Module (a TACS software subsystem) ACM auxiliary cooling method ACMM Analytical Chemistry Methods Manual ACN Advance Change Notice (change to training qualification standard) ACNFS Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety (DOE) ACNM assistant charge number manager ACNP American College of Nuclear Physicians ACO administrative contracting officer ACO Airspace Control Order ACOS Automated Charge-Out System ACP abnormal condition procedure ACP allied communications procedures ACPDS Advisory Committee on Personal Dosimetry Services (NSF) ACPERS Army Civilian Personnel System ACPPM alternate computer protection program manager ACPPM assistant computer protection program manager ACPR Advanced Core Performance Reactor ACPR Annular Core Pulse Reactor ACR Authorization Change Request ACRE Advanced Compact Reactor Experiment ACRG Advanced Code Review Group (NRC) ACRI Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute ACRR Annual Core Research Reactor ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards ACS Access Control Station ACS Access Control System ACS American Cancer Society ACS American Chemical Society ACS analytical computer system ACS auxiliary cooling system ACSE association control service elements ACSL advanced continuous simulation language ACSM American Congress of Surveying and Mapping ACSN Advance Change Study Notice ACSNI Advisory Committee on Safety of Nuclear Installations ACSR aluminum conductor steel reinforced ACSS Army Clothing Sales Store ACT Action Committee on Technology ACT American College Test ACTS Action Item/Commitment Tracking System (NPRTI) ACTS analytical chemistry trouble shooters ACU allowance for cost of unknowns ACV At-Completion Variance ACVC air-cooled vault concept (for RSSF) ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed ACWS Actual Cost of Work Scheduled Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 3 AD accidental discharge (of a firearm) AD analog-to-digital A. anno Domini (in the year of the Lord) ada programming language ADA air defense artillery ADA Air Defense Area ADA Americans with Disabilities Act AD&D accidental death and dismemberment (insurance) ADAPS Active Duty Automated Pay System ADAR Division of Advanced Reactors and License Renewal ADAS automatic data acquisition and storage (system) ada SAGE database software (using ada) ADB adjust database ADC Air Defense Command ADC analog-to-digital converter ADC authorized derivative classifier ADCF air density correction factor ADCI administrative "direct" charging "indirect" ADCN Advance Design Change Notice ADCN Advance Document Change Notice ADCN Advance Drawing Change Notice ADD add-on ADD Army Data Dictionary ADD ATO dissemination date ADDS applied digital data system ADEA Age Discrimination in Employment Act ADEA Army data encyclopedia administrator ADG administrative dose guideline ADI American Documentation Institute ADIP alloy development for irradiation performance ADL ada-based design language ADL algorithm definition language ADLP algorithm definition language processor ADM Action Description Memorandum (NEPA) ADM administration ADM Application Distribution Module (a TACS software subsystem) ADM arrow diagramming method ADM atomic demolition munitions ADM authorized development of methods adm. administrative, administration ADOCS Automated Document Control System ADP aluminum dissolution process ADP assembly disassembly procedure ADP automated data processing ADPE automated data processing equipment ADPPOC automated data processing point of contact ADPR automated data processing resources ADQ Automated Data Qualification (Reactor Data Accuracy System) ADR alternate dispute resolution ADR ATO dissemination recap ADR Audit Deficiency Report ADR Audit Discrepancy Report ADS Activated Denial System (CPP-651) ADS Activity Data Sheet ADS air space deconfliction software ADS Automated Data System ADS automatic depressurization system ADSW active duty for special work (tour of active duty by an RC soldier to perform specific tasks) ADT active duty training (tour of active duty by an RC soldier to attend school or perform other training) ADT American District Telegraph ADT automatic data transmitting (equipment) ADTL Armywide doctrinal and training literature ADU ammonium diuranate ADUN acid deficient uranyl nitrate solution ADV atmospheric dump valve ADVON Advanced Echelon ADW air defense weapons status AE acoustic emission AE architectural engineering AE or A-E architect-engineer AE-6 water boiler neutron source (North American Aviation), Santa Susanna, California AEA American Electronics Association AEA Atomic Energy Act (of 1954) AEA Atomic Energy Authority of the United Kingdom, London AEB Accident Evaluation Branch AEB Auxiliary Equipment Building AEC Alabama Electric Cooperative AEC American Engineering Council AEC Atomic Energy Commission (changed to ERDA, then DOE) AECB Atomic Energy Control Board (Canada) AECL Atomic Energy of Canada, Limited AECM Atomic Energy Commission Manual (changed to ERDAM) AECPR AEC procurement regulations AED architect engineering drawing AED Atomic Energy Division (Phillips Petroleum Co.) AED Directorate of Ammunition Equipment (U. Army) AEDC American Energy Development Corporation (CRBR funding company) AEDE annual effective dose equivalent AEDL Applied Engineering and Development Laboratory 4 Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 AEE air emissions evaluation AEEF American Energy Education Foundation AEF American Expeditionary Forces AEF Argonne Experimental Facility AEG Administrative Exposure Guide (ACC-ICP) AEG Association of Engineering Geologists AEHA U. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency AEI American Enterprise Institute AEI Americans for Energy Independence AEL accessible emission level AEOD analysis for evaluation of operational data AEOD Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Data (NRC office) AEP Accident Evaluation Program AEP American Electric Power Co. 1 ARMF-II Advanced Reactivity Measurement Facility Number 2 ARMIS Army Reserve Management Information System ARMMIS Aviation Roundout Maintenance Management Information System ARMS aerial radiological measurements and surveys ARMU Association of Rocky Mountain Universities ARNG Army National Guard (Army portion of the organized militia of the several states, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, and the Territories of Guam and the Virgin Islands, whose units and members are Federally recognized) ARNGM Army National Guard management (RCAS functional module) ARNGUS Army National Guard of the United States (an RC of the Army, all of whose members belong to the ARNG) ARO after receipt of order ARP alarm response procedure ARP atmospheric release points ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA Archaeological Resources Protection Act ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ARPERCEN Army Reserve Personnel Center (FOA of the CAR in St.

Company CO-LAN Central Office-Local Area Network CO&DP Computer Operations and Data Processing COA Comptroller of the Army COB close of business COB command operating budget COBOL common business-oriented language COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act COBRA Coolant Boiling and in-Rod-Arrays (Computer Code) COC certificate of conformance (DOT) COC chain of custody COC chain of custody commanded by an active Army lieutenant general, that provides command and control of USAR units in its area and has major responsibilities for the mobilization of RC forces.

There are five CONUSAs.) COC contaminant of concern COCA Consent Order and Compliance Agreement (with EPA and State of Idaho) COCS Common Occupational Classification System COD chemical oxygen demand COD crack opening displacement CODP Computer Operations and Data Processing CODSIA Council of Defense and Space Industry Associations COE Conduct of Engineering COE cost of electricity COE or CE Corps of Engineers (U. Army) COED Compensation Organization and Employee Development (ENICO committee) COEI composition of ending inventory (SNM) C of C certificate of compliance (NRC) Coffin thick-walled container for transporting radioactive materials COFPAES Committee on Federal Procurement of Architectural/Engineering Services COG cell off-gas Cogema Compagnie Generale des Matieres Nucleares (French commercial fuel reprocessing factory) COGENT Cognitive Event Tree System COIC critical operational issues and criteria COL ATO collate COL construction/operating license (NRC) col. R., Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany, and Cuba) Comet Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Experiment for Critical Configuration Safety Tests COMET computer-operated management evaluation technique Comet II critical assembly (LASL, Kiva I) COMFY LEV1 EC-130 COMINT communications intelligence COMM communication COMPASS Computerized Online Movement Planning and Status System (RCAS interface COMREPS communications representatives COMSEC communications security (INEEL classified information handling accounts) CON controller CONAC continuous online nuclear analysis of coal CONAES Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems (NAS) CONEMP concept of employment CONS Connection Oriented Network Service Cont(ext) continuous liquid-liquid extraction contd. Huachuca, AZ, 85613-7090) CSM continuous sample monitor CSM critical software monitor CSMA/CD carrier sense, multiple access with collision detection CSMACD carrier sense multiple access with collision detect CSMS Combined Support Maintenance Shop CSN Circuit Switched Network CSNE Citizens for Safe Nuclear Energy CSNI Committee on Safety of Nuclear Installations (of OECD) CSO computer system security officer CSOM computer security operations manager CSOM Computer System Operator’s Manual CSOP corporate standard operating procedure (ENICO)--replaced by WSOP CSP certified safety professional CSP Computer Security Program CSP core spray pump CSP Customer Service Plan CSPE chlorosulfonated polyethylene CSPI Center for Science in the Public Interest CSPS Computer Software Product Specification CSR codes, standards, and regulations CSRS Civil Service Retirement System CSRS construction short-range schedule CSS calcine sample storage CSS calcine stabilization setup CSS cask support structure CSS Central Security Service CSS combat service support CSS Commodity Stabilization Service CSS Containment Spray System CSS Contingency Support System CSS core sample storage CSS core support structure CSS Criticality Safety Section CSS Customer Service and Support CSSF Calcined Solids Storage Facility Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 27 CSSM computer security site manager CSSM computer systems site officer CSSO computer systems security officer CSSO computer systems security operations CSSR or C/SSR Cost/Schedule Status Report CST condensate storage tank CST current situation technician CSTR Computer Software Technical Review CSU Channel Service Unit CSU Compliance Support Unit CSU computer software unit CSWP construction safe work permit CSWS circulating and service water system CT Cable Test CT CLEM transporter CT compact toroid CT cost-type (contract) CTA Central Training Academy (DOE, on KAFB) CTA common table of allowances CTAPS Contingency TACS Automated Planning System CTAPSPO Contingency TACS Automated Planning System Program Office CTASC Corps/Theater ADP Service Center CTB centennial tectonic belt CTC Combat Training Center CTD charged tape detection (fuel-failure monitor) CTD cumulative trauma disorder CTE circulating tank educator (Penberthy unit) CTE coefficient of thermal expansion CTF cask tilting fixture CTF Contained Test Facility (formerly LOFT) CTF Core Test Facility CTI Cooling Tower Institute CTID Classification & Technical Information Division (AL) CTL Central Technical Library (formerly in CF-689) CTLBF control buffer CTM contracts technical monitor CTOC Corps, Tactical Operations Center CTOS Cassette Operations System CTP construction test procedure CTP controlled temperature profile (vapor trap) CTPV coal tar pitch volatile CTR certified test results (Bechtel) CTR controlled thermonuclear research CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (swelling of the sheath surrounding the tendon in the wrist from hands being in same position for long periods [e.g., during keyboarding]) CTS Commitment Tracking System CTT chemical task team CTTP Cask Transport and Testing Program CU Columbia University CU customer premise CUA controllable unit approach (SNM safeguards) CUF cumulative usage factor CUFT Center for Utilization of Federal Technology CUP Cascade Uprating Program CUP cask unloading pool cutie pie portable radiation survey meter CV check valve CV containment vessel CV cost validation (DOE) CV cost variance CVAA cold vapor atomic adsorption CVAAS cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry CVAR Cost Variance CVCS Chemical and Volume Control System CVD chemical vapor deposition CVD chemical vapor disposition CVI certified vendor information CVL concrete vault log CVL copper vapor laser (now CL--SIS) CVOG cell ventilation off-gas CVSA Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance CVTR Carolinas-Virginia Tube Reactor, Parr, SC, power reactor, 650 MW(t) cw continuous wave CW cell wall CW Chemical Week (magazine) CW clockwise CW code walkthrough CW cold-worked CW cooling water CWA Clean Water Act CWA critical assembly (KAPL) CWAF common word addressable file CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure CWBS Contractor Work Breakdown Structure CWBSD Control Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary CWDB Certified Waste Data Bank CWIP construction work in progress CWM Commercial Waste Management (DOE program) CWO Capital Work Order CWP coal worker’s pneumoconiosis (black lung) CWP Contractor Work Plan CWP current work plan CWS calibration worksheet CWS Cooling Water System CWS Criticality Warning System 28 Acronyms and Abbreviations, LST-2, 8/1/00 CWSF Combined Waste Storage Facility CX categorical exclusion CY calendar year CY Connecticut Yankee (commercial reactor) CY current year CYBER Control Data Corporation (brand name) CYBER INEEL mainframe computer CYWP Current Year Work Plan CZMA Coastal Zone Management Act -DD direct (timecard charge indicator) D10 downgrade in 10 years D6 downgrade in six years D8 downgrade in eight years D-38 former code name for depleted uranium metal DA Data Acquisition (system) DA decision analysis DA Decontamination Area (NWCF) DA Department of the Army DA development assessment DA dispersing agent DA drum assay DAA data authentication algorithm DAA designated approving authority DAAD Departmental Administrative Accounting Department DAAS Defense Automatic Addressing System DAB director of the Army budget DAB Dispersal Area B DAC Data Acquisition and Control DAC defense acquisition circular DAC derived air concentration DACCS Department of the Army Command and Control System (an integrated and survivable system containing all the elements required by the SA and the CSA for command and control of Army forces and resources) DAE defense acquisition executive DAE dry air equivalent DAFPHU denitrator and final product handling upgrade DAFS damage analysis and fundamental studies DAH deaerating heater (CFSGF) DAL decon action limit DAMPL Department of the Army master priority list DAMPRE Drill Attendance Monitoring Procedure and Report DANA one of two heavy water facilities, Newport, Indiana (now property of the U. Army Chemical Corps) DANATOM Danish AEC D&D decontamination and decommissioning D&D decontamination and demobilization D&D decontamination and dismantlement D&D defueling and decommissioning D&M Dames and Moore DAMS Data Acquisition and Management System (Stage II, Subsystem #9) DANs design analysis needs DAO Dayton Area Office DAO Directorate of Ammunition Operations (U. Army) DAP Data Acquisition Plan DAP document application profile DAPC Defense Acquisition Population Council DAPCS Digital Acquisition and Process Control System DAR Data Analysis Report DAR Defense Acquisition Population Council DAR Document Action Request DARC Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council DARDA Defense Advanced R&D Agency DARMS Developmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System (an experimental system to develop and evaluate some types of support that the fielded RCAS will provide.

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