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Well let me tell you it was not…From seeing whatever crap was in my husband cup to the terrible food you should be ashamed .

Again I not looking for anything just wanted to let you know we will think twice about going back and never take anyone with us.

She replied that the total would be 22.50, I then told her Thank You! After arriving home my wife and began eating our meals, After the first bite of my biscuits and gravy I thought what the heck!!

I’ve never know Bobevans grave to taste as bad As the serving that I just purchased, I kept my though to myself then my wife made the comment that her biscuit and gravy was Nasty and that she wasn’t going to finish eating, It was confirmed that it wasn’t just me but we had been served a bad Item.

In 1971, Bob’s cousin Dan Evans becomes President and CEO. In 1987, the company acquired Owens Country Sausage. who’s’ fault was it to remove the Old Fashioned Bean Soup! ” I was looking forward to a carryout, ordering Bean Soup today. After arriving at Bob Evans I approached the counter I was not greeted what so ever, the women behind the counter was totally stone faced, that made me uncomfortable but I ignored that.

A very unhappy customer Nina Heether Reply Not a good place to work..period!

Now I do not want anything from this note, they did give us off for the steak, I think they should have given us both free meals and maybe coupons to come back a differant time.

Maybe because we did not cause a scene or make a hugh deal out of it they thought it was ok.

Note: We noticed plenty of servers and bus people so it was not like they was short staffed.

at one time there was 5 servers at the kitchen window waiting on there orders Reply Good morning, I just read an article on social media about how Bob Evans does not pay their Waitress Staff there tips at the end of their shift if it’s put on someone Debit card.

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