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For all the acknowledgment made, though, I might as well have been invisible. Maybe, deep, deep down inside, I’d come in here to make some kind of point.

I couldn’t ignore the irony, of course – the very notion that hundreds of years later, there’d be the issue of us getting along. Inevitably mentioned are issues of culture and the idea that any problems among us are, ultimately, the residual affect of slavery in America. ” I explained that I’d never been here before and I thought it adventurous to try something new. His words came sincerely – out of curiosity more than anything else and, I suppose, concern. Maybe, I replied, I ventured in here hoping, perhaps, to discover some measure of kinship. ” I know – it all could have made for some compelling banter. As a Black man born and raised in America, I’ve dealt with prejudice, racism and mistrust in many configurations.

Below you'll find a list of some of the great things to do around Addis is now a metropolis of more than 5 million people and the country’s commercial and cultural hub.

One of the highest capitals of the world, it also hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and of the African Union (AU).

Based on your interests, you can visit art galleries and/or exhibitions.

Based on your interests, there are a number of different museums to visit.

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