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MIHl JIIIilliil SATURDAY AT RECORD PEAK- WASHINGTON. said he believed there was more money lo be found, possibly niompson. April 3 UP)— Ah that's left today ot llie mystery coyote ot Orent Salt Inkc b tti B hlda and the riddle of how It renclinl Fremont Idond, ID mllu irom sliore. Quite la U tndow will provide deed b the unnlrncr wlio-lias n hot rlcclrldly. April 3— Pmient tabu- lations Indicate thnt i Bit jx Unlo Rcrtage In Idaho irtll fall about 30,- 000 acres below last ycar^ plantln K, staled Euittie W. exten- sion polalo specialist, who addressed a meeting of fanners recently at the Raxelton Ltgloo ha U. for' the sin (It the party's national convcn Lli lltin o[ Uciiii nttnl c It three d llif jf Ihst Pre L rnt RCHwevclt will be ren Quilnatci r acclamation and thni lliere wll • little controversy over the vice i T.sldrntlal cliolce and jwrly pint 1 Juni s will r Hii-iiijiis nmiui ijii irnsin Convi-ntlnn o( the larne field ■nr(, tor ilie put ill maiilhi. So shud- der and turn aside If you will— here goes. t Miere airda lougei^ If r ten yff INil TED dle^ol QAll Jl USSEli starts WEDNESDAY; ORPIIiei Monday fivealnff, April 3, 19M TIMES-NEWS, TWIN FALLS, IDAHO Page Three 'Gi ST'GOYOTE FILLY SLAIN OQDEtl. Mlu Oraee Oue bu returned to ■chool in Pocatcllo alter Tlsltln« her ino Uier, Mrs. caullllow- umber and squash plants In- ind then iransiilantlnj them Rarden. liunld h systi ;i amjlle uild on •l^j^ji st\A hotbed attached lo a ba.^cmcnt window on the soutti side ot the house provides »a Ideal sct-uix Here our gardner may easily air, ; lor lietw Litli ; iil.nndard hotbed sa.'h Ls appmsl- A twii-so-sh frame luuvldes nmplt room for the amhllloui gardener The frame should be built of sub- ot 1 of I Itichrs hl Kh snd shotild e Meni «■, Till- s.i'h filn\M slope toaiiri e from to eii»sonic time In Salt Lake City after his Northside Farmers Hear Potato Expert JEEOME. But the tussle with Form 1040ES fa Just around the comer, and tho last few days have brought enough sur- prises (most of them pleasant) to make tho painful subject timely once again.

For the psai 3S ytan she had mode her home at 339 sou U), Seventh street. Mrs, Gric.-itiaber visited her son's grave In France ihortly after the war, A grandson. Both tbf Eo Xi M Eup caitt and tha Vlctarj art opent Uns on a Jt-hour ichedula lo cars for . the »cii Me education « ' said he had "incontrovrnlbli dence that acme l O.i Wi.t W ap- preciably atnc T i Varl Itarb^. Quick action Is highly desirable." There has been a lot of critical talk about our system of taxation, but that gets us no- where. TUCKER'S NATIONAL WHIRLIGIG CONFERENCE — Cordell Hu U't csnit Mlgn to «ell ths ■djnln Ulmtlcm'* forelsn procrxm Um In dcurly with tho loiirth-tem movtmeni. could lose on Uils Luuc, bo he hu dilei&ted Uig task ot quaranlltilni Uib quei Uon to hli reapected and beloved wcrcury ot l Ute. Beltllng llrst 1 MIn undo Chrl.i firli t heard Iro mnrrird died Feb- lo Wood lallv, The Umo of tho funeral will not bo let until word comes from relatives. Wn Uon, Twin Falli, agent for Ihs Beneficial Life Insur- ance company. Grant, president of the company, 1* given agents who have written a million dollon. action of ration bustnesa ny mall not ily enables the office to handle are ft-ork. The purple heart medi was posthumnurily awarded him lor Seen Today stale patrolman aheeplshly plying' tor his own auto license at asififor'i office, nnd taking v b'a Ung Irom girl deputies kidding him lor belatedneis. Woman with victory model baby buggy (wooden wheels I having strugsle pushing Nimt, u t-t,n wheela lull to tur Albert Mylrole, new county a genlilly shaking hand.i all around an Bx-Agent Bert Bo Ungbruke to\i him sbonl. IMPORTANT^^^TIffl E CHANGE /^FORMATION PLEASf NOW HEARD ONE HOUR EARLIER . Aett T* A (hi eta Young Glbb look an active part In athletics In Junior high, high ocliool and at the university. Lrglon command- er, was In charge of the guard of honor which prei«ntod a salute arid Heyburn Man, 79, Called by. Tlic Incumbent nil] bt an Importanl li the reu3on llinl he will preilde over Uic n by thnt body that all Irentlei i b H ri I. This line of talk wat tlioroughly exploded by Uie President some lime ago but tlie effect ot the in-lntormed comment lurka on, mlileadlng well. We have no Intonnallon, al tltit hand, to aay whether the army hu too many, or loo lev. We must accept Ihe word of our leadera, Tlicy aay Ihoy must have morn men and. Mn itir ' '''tit.''iri Polatoes-Onions Potato Futures M )o U hrld'mhov. Grangers will officiate at grave- Jlrte ,1e^^■l(■^s, and Rebekahs will h»ve charge, of the flowers. Too Many Callers At Ration Office Tli B number of personal caller* at the Twin Falls county ration office U Iwcom Ui R too great lof tlie number of employes, said Carl N. "Handling ration buslnew by mall whenever poulble." said Anderson, "Enables us to gel a great deal more work done than when we have to handle large crowds at the coun- ter." Andenon pointed cut tliat tiavi. He wfl B gradu Ated from marln pnratroop training at Camp □lllii pie. In May i 1B«, In September he left for ovci seas duf.v. By night auf- flclenl forces were across to resumt the advance Into the depth of Ru- WE'LL PAY CASH I For Men'a or Ladles' ■ SUITS Itlchardaoa'a DENVEB Tll ADl NG TOST Back or I- D. Ill view of war and postwar problrmj be n year In which cither the Democrai J pubhciiiis con select a iircon U. On him may fall the Job ot v the war and Ihe peace. talk In the country ftbout ttioussnda of men, employed by the government, having undeserved and unnecessary deferment. be able ' ot course, Ihry will vol whclmlngly fur the fourth t Already Kelly's 3. "tr(1 Comv Cnnlln-'iiliil Oil Deli Curtis Wrlcht Dupont - ... J S3 Stewart Warner 13'; Studebakcr Corp t - 14'1 Stinshlna Mining V. While fie Is ] talking Whereby he belle centage ot Chlcngoani now In'lhq Ed services nil! Standard Gas i Heclrlc 'i Standard Oil Cnl ZS^ Standard OH N. Wi Union Cnjbldo 'JB'i Union Pacific 104 Unlied Aircraft ^ aa'i United Corp.

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