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And at this event at least, they’re almost always teenage girls.

But all that really says is that it’s teenage girls that are willing to take the trek to the west coast in order to get autographs from the members of Nu’Est, for instance.

"[T]here's a lot of irony and humor in that video, while other K-Pop songs are very serious and sexy and very well crafted." And of course, this is by design.

Your typical K-Pop idol group is composed of several rather anonymous youngsters, so attractive that they’re boring.

"The next day," Lee says, "I gave the card to my mom and I explained what happened, and my mom thought we should call him." Soon, the whole family was at a karaoke joint, where Lee and her sister auditioned for a place in a pop group the agency was putting together.

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"Over the course of our career, we did interviews, radio shows, game shows, music shows, concerts, festivals, all that stuff.According to the event promoter, fifteen international K-Pop fan clubs made the journey.If you’re like most Americans, and if you know the term K-Pop at all, you first heard it in connection to a Korean rapper named Psy., begins when SM Entertainment finds potential singers, often through global auditions."After screening applicants," writes Chung Min-uck, "the company operates [a software] simulation of how the voice and the appearance of the trainees would change in three to seven years." If everything checks out, the future stars are taught to sing and dance, act, and learn foreign languages.

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