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These were done using VMware Workstation 10.0.3 build-1895310 Hint (from Mark Broadbent) - install a golden image vm and clone the others from that in case anything breaks.

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IPv4 Address, IP v6 Address, Default Route and DNS appear in Network Settings panel Then click on the symbol in the bottom left (a circle with lines coming out of it) Click on Identity then tickbox "Connect automatically" and "Apply" To install VMWare tools had to do Finally do a "yum update"!First download the iso from Download for Development Use Create a new VM in VMWare Workstation, customize the hardware to have 4096MB of memory and a 60GB disk Once installed login at the text prompt then run L Network7 For the new network adapter turn it on and then Click "Add Profile..." and "Add" Select the adapter and click the button in the bottom right Go to IPv6 and turn it off Go to IPv4 Under Address change the dropdown to Manual Enter the IP Address, Netmask, use the IP Address as the Gateway As root ifconfig - Check for interface names vim /etc/network/interfaces Add # The static IP network interface auto ens38 iface ens38 inet static address netmask gateway then run ip addr flush ens38 systemctl restart networking.service Login as yourself sudo su -- Go to -- System Settings Icon on the left -- Software & Updates -- Other Software -- Unselect the cdrom entries.-- Click Close then Reload apt-get update apt-get install ubuntu-desktop apt-get install vim apt-get install curl apt-get install net-tools sync reboot If a you a PIN to log into Windows then the locally cached copy of your password mnaybe out of date When booting into safe mode the login screen will ONLY accept the password NOT a pin!All VMs need to be sysprep'ed with Generalize option to generate unique machine SIDs!Change SID with c:\Windows\System32\sysprep\/generalize In the default Initial Configure Tasks panel change the computer name to Win-CP VMWare will configure 1 network adapter using NAT In Windows Click Start-Control Panel-Network and Internet-View Network Status and tasks-Change Adapter Settings In Windows Right click on Network Adapter and rename to LAN In Windows click back arrow to get to Network and Sharing Centre The network adapter should appear in the middle of the screen under "View your active Network" under Public In a Command prompt run ipconfig /all and check windows settings In Windows Click on LAN and change properties to disable IPV6 and set IPV4 to a static IP I used 192.168.117(.201) with the same IP for the DNS server Next to the Start Button click on the Server Manager Icon FYI In the left pane Click Features, In the right pane, Click Add Features, Add Desktop Experience which adds the Disk Cleanup Tool - faster Windows Update!

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