Quotes dating wrong person

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It is a “temptation,” she says, meaning that no one wants to believe that someone they know is a monster. But in the case of the Commander, that temptation must be resisted.

He only has to be someone who believes that the evidence on the God question is at a similar level to the evidence on the werewolf question. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.What an available temptation., Offred remembers a documentary that she watched about a woman who was the mistress of a Nazi death camp guard. You know what they were complaining about the most? The benefits of the new world are not worth the cost in human misery.She recalls how the woman insisted that her lover was not a “monster,” and she compares that woman’s situation to her own, as she spends her evenings with the Commander and comes to almost like him. Or consider this Julian Baggini quote: “Goblins, hobbits… God is just one of the things that atheists don’t believe in, it just happens to be the thing that, for historical reasons, gave them their name.” Actually, no.Perhaps we could say that God is just one of many things that but these are the ones that strike me most deeply right now.

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