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Diane, I'm one of those poor unfortunates who has researched close families off & on for 10 years, but am only now going through the horror of truly collating the material, to form a cohesive storyline......

I hope you'll keep that offer open of placing something on your website.

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All Nations Hotel There is a very slim chance that the policeman mentioned, waiting for the Cobb & Co coach, may well be him! One of the newspaper clippings (from that wonderful NLA website) dated 1865, cites him at the time, as a constable who performed the duties of mail guard on the Mudgee Road.It also appears that everyday Fred, Bill or Jo would confuse the ID issue to the point of anarchy.Gathering family members under one last name allows authorities to know who you are, who you belong to and from whence you came.recently wrote that governments need fixed names for families to keep track of people, to draft them and to tax them.He must have known the value of a dollar though, as he retired from the police in 1871, when I believe they dropped the wages by sixpence! I have tried the Bathurst family history and Forbes family history but have not been able to come up with very much.I no he died in 1844, he married Elizabeth Enright in 1843 , had son William in 1844.

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