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If you feel more comfortable calling yourself a Pragmatic Buddhist, go for it.

If Secular Buddhist appeals to you, then have at it.

As soon as you say, secular Buddhists believe such and such, you’ll come across a person who doesn’t believe that. And be mindful of what that definition means to you and how tightly you wear the label.

If you define secular Buddhists in one particular way, you’ll come across someone else who defines it another way. Or saying: I call myself a secular Buddhist because. The secular Buddhists (with all other Buddhist types) have countless differences among us.

If you stress about a potential sabre tooth tiger, that prompts you do something about it, either running, hiding, or whatever is appropriate in the moment. If the tiger isn’t there and your pattern seeking is running on overtime, you’re still good.

If, however, you don’t stress about the tiger, you aren’t prompted to run and hide, and it’s really there, you get eaten.

I don’t need a detailed unit of measure for more or less often, more or less strong, and to see what it leads to.Better to refer to yourself regarding these labels by saying something like: For me and my practice secular Buddhism is . What we all have in common is we are human beings who suffer, who want to be free of suffering.Let’s just start from that foundation, have compassion for one another, enjoy healthy disagreements, the sharing of information, and enjoy the benefits of this practice. Dana is Technical Director of the Secular Buddhist Association.If you call yourself a Zen practitioner and are enjoying the content on this site, awesome!I’d like to give warning by using a phrase from the suttas I really like: . Define yourself if you wish, but be careful about defining others.

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