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We continue to repeat on this thread, again and again, that we’re not laying out a dogma for everyone — this is what we are most inclined to.

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep being the clever little monkeys we are and try to improve our methodology and measurements, it just means we don’t have to throw out the entire spectrum of experience because we don’t have everything nailed down. Now, if you want to discuss is good good, should we want good, etc., I’m going to refer you to the new philosophy thread that got started on the Discussion forum. I do want to avoid becoming a meditation zombie, that’s true.Better to refer to yourself regarding these labels by saying something like: For me and my practice secular Buddhism is . What we all have in common is we are human beings who suffer, who want to be free of suffering.Let’s just start from that foundation, have compassion for one another, enjoy healthy disagreements, the sharing of information, and enjoy the benefits of this practice. Dana is Technical Director of the Secular Buddhist Association.If you feel more comfortable calling yourself a Pragmatic Buddhist, go for it.If Secular Buddhist appeals to you, then have at it.

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