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My question is, why doesn't this make it a bad film?And to make one last comparison, this film way out did anything 8 Mile attempted (much more of a social critique).Bermuda does not have UK-style (England & Wales) civil annulment laws.Bermuda marriages are legally valid in the United States and elsewhere.Another commonality 50 Cent's film will have with 8 Mile is release date.

But if required, American and other consular officers may authenticate Bermuda marriage documents, for a fee.For visitors or residents, Bermuda is a lovely place in which to get married, whether you opt for a civil wedding in the Registrar's Office (see below) or, if a local, a wedding before a minister in church complete with all the frills. The Domestic Partnership Act 2017 was passed following a five-hour debate after a vote in which 24 MPs supported the Bill being reported to the House, while ten opposed it. Legislation to replace same-sex marriage with domestic partnerships was passed in the House of Assembly last night.50 Cent himself will portray the lead character in the film.Following the 8 Mile model, the movie will take an established rap star and join him with a respected director to let the onscreen story unfold.

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