Updating web page content

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Because the old article was a bit of a different scope, I'll leave it alone, just refer to this one.Let's say you wanted to make a website where clicking buttons in the nav would dynamically load some content.NET User Control or a file that Expression Web will include on pages as a PHP Include File.Expression Web even has an include file method that happens locally, like the Dynamic Web Template, so designers can use the Include Page feature without having to consider the server environment.Expression Web 4 lets you work with Run Time features through the Expression Development Server.If you have designed a page that leverages server-side features such as ASP.

While Dynamic Web Templates are obviously designed to be used as a page layout tool, sometimes a designer should use an include file.Kind of like the organic tabs thing, only the content is loaded dynamically.Say something like this: View Demo Download Files There is no excuse for the navigation of a website to be completely broken without Java Script enabled.Expression Web’s Design Time templating functionality, which includes Dynamic Web Templates and the Include Page, takes place on the local computer inside the Expression Web environment, and results in complete files that are published to a server.These Design Time methods are handy because they are totally independent of any server requirements.

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