K9 farm sex dating

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Don't hesitate and plunge into this magnificent world of lust and unlimited Dating sex.Gigs of explicit Dating porn videos are now available, and you are always welcome to join our hotties!The dog was cumming away up my ass, filling me with his puppy batter.The owner starts to slowly fuck my hole with the hard dogcock just like we'd seen in the video.I put Maverick's cock tip in my mouth and tongue it like crazy.The guy is so turned on at this point that he stands up and says he's gonna cum.

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I put his cock in my mouth to get the last bit of his cum and jack my cock furiously. Maverick came over and licked it up- then licked his owner's cock. It was hot and different and a turn-on, but it also made me feel ashamed, and dirty.

The cock is immense- all pinkish and veined and spurting a watery jet of cum every second or two. Then I put the pointy tip of the dog's cock to my lips-- then tongue the dog's head.

I know that I have to taste it, so I aim the cock at my mouth. The idea of this is so taboo to me that I get incredibly turned on.

I can feel the juice starting to drip out of my ass (dogs cum a LOT! Even though I want more, I sorta want to see the dog cock-- and perhaps taste the cum.

I slip Maverick out of my ass while still keeping my hand gripped behind his knot.

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