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But the women who spoke out in court, along with their supporters, asserted that they were victimized by others, too—that Nassar’s abuse, of gymnasts and other young athletes alike, could not have flourished without a network of enablers.

According to the women, these enablers were authority figures at USAG, Michigan State University (MSU), the United States Olympic Committee, and the Twistars Gymnastics training center, among other entities, who repeatedly ignored, downplayed, or disregarded allegations against him.

Numerous women gymnasts contend they reported Nassar’s behavior to athletic trainers or coaches, only to be met with skepticism and insistence that they continue seeing him.

In the spring of 2014, Nassar was briefly suspended while the school’s Title IX department investigated a complaint by a student who alleged he’d sexually abused her, but was reinstated after a panel of medical experts, all of whom had close ties to the sports doctor, said there was nothing sexual about Nassar’s treatments.

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This is how a number of prominent women in France see American feminism.

How could a movement demanding the end of violent and dominating relations and reclaiming women’s emancipation be accused of being puritanical? […] Flirt with a man, change my mind and move on […]. I claim my right to peacefulness, to solitude, the right to keep going without fear.” And thinking of future generations of women, she added, “I hope someday, my daughter will walk around all night wearing a miniskirt and a décolletage, that she will travel the world on her own, that she will ride the metro at midnight without fear, without even thinking about it.

These court developments are the culmination of complaints about Nassar that, according to lawsuits, victims and their family members started voicing back in the mid-1990s.He continued to see—and, according to police reports, continued to abuse—patients at MSU despite remaining under criminal investigation for the same allegation that sparked the Title IX probe.William Strampel, the former College of Osteopathic Medicine dean who supervised Nassar, told him in an July 2014 email that he was “happy” the Title IX situation had been resolved, according to correspondence published by ESPN—even though the police investigation into Nassar was still active.She deplores the #Balance Ton Porc ("expose your pig") social media campaign as the result of what she calls “2017, the year of the snitches.” Lévy is one of the 100 prominent women who signed (alongside revered actress Catherine Deneuve) the much-decried manifesto criticizing the #Me Too movement in the daily, Le Monde, this week.On Friday, Lévy reacted to the manifesto’s critics, saying, “For two months, we’ve had an earful about the liberation of women’s speech,” adding, “Except we forgot to read the small print stating this liberated speech must strictly follow the guidelines established by the guardians of feminism.

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