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KOLEKSI SEJARAH INDONESIA 1949 OLEH Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA EDISI PRIBADI TERBATAS KHUSUS UNTUK KOLEKTOR DAN HISTORIAN SENIOR Copyright @ 2013 INI ADALAH CUPLIKAN DAN CONTOH BUKU KOLEKSI SEJARAH INDONESIA HASIL PENELITIAN Dr IWAN , HANYA DITAMPILKAN SEBAGIAN INFO DAN ILUSTRASI TAK LENGKAP.BUKU YANG LENGKAP TERSEDIA BAGI YANG BERMINAT HUBUNGGI LIWAT KOMENTAR(COMMENT) DI WEB BLOG INI s ORRY FOR THE UNEDITED ARTICLES BELOW, I DID TO PROTEC T AGAINST THE COPY WITHOUT PERMISSSION Driwancybermuseum Homeoffic Copyrught @ Dr Iwan suwandy, MHA 2013 Forbidden to copy without written permission by the author INDONESIA INDEPENDENCE REVOLUTION AND WAR part V 1949 Base On Postal And Document Collections Created By Dr Iwan Suwandy, MHA Private Limited E-book Special For Collectors.2) Arriving at the song Boti into four commanders met Humala Silalahi MBB-I Chief of Sumatra, from the explanation POLICE INSPECTOR Humala Silalahi that legions PENGGEMPUR successfully disarmed troops Armament-Sumatra MBB, MBB troops heard this – I do Assault precedes Sumatra.Hearing this explanation then COLONEL Siahaan Jansen as Regiment Commander – Brigade III – XI Tapanuli, ask MARADEN Panggabean MAJOR, MAJOR MAJOR MAS KADIRAN Bejo and to take precautions.In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when leading Siliwangi Division, Pak Nas pulled the second lesson. From this was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people’s war.Method of warfare is freely developed after Pak Nas became Commander of Java in the Revolution of Independence II (1948-1949).

TNI Abdul Haris Nasution (terakhir Jendral besar Bintang Lima) bahwa tentara yang tidak mendapat dukungan rakyat pasti kalah.Forces MBK / YON – IV MEN – MEN I and members – aided III Society makes Defense Barricades arranged in a big way from AEK Nauli to Parapat and conduct reconnaissance and Pos-Pos Defense in Relay from AEK Nauli to Parapat 3) On day 15 in Parapat obtained news from investigators that the Dutch troops were 15 km from Aek Nauli, the troops under the command MAS KADIRAN ready to fight by way of ambush and destruction in Aek Nauli, at 03.00. Wib pass-Battle fierce battle in a big way Aek Nauli – Parapat. Wib appear 2 Aircraft by firing on the Dutch Defense – defense and an important place in Parapat, the emergence of two Dutch-owned Aircraft Defense Forces opened fire on a split MAS KADIRAN resulting Blind Defense Forces become fragmented and MAS KADIRAN ordered his troops to retreat to Parapat.In this battle forces suffered many losses KADIRAN MAS.In this case his Battalion Commander Dies 2) With the crisis MAS KADIRAN MBK Chief Commissioner KLS I Tapanuli and M. TOBING in the talks that Chief MBK Tapanuli MAS KADIRAN firmly take the road side with brigade-B in South Tapanuli and MAS KADIRAN appealed to Chief Resident Tapanuli Dr. Completed negotiations then Brigade – B led MAJOR Bejo, supported by MAS KADIRAN back to South Tapanuli Bull Forces Leadership and L.Nurdin To Police Resident Resident Tapanuli in calling facing Tapanuli Dr. FLTOBING to bring his troops into the field Sidempuan to avoid clashes between the Brigade – A and brigades – B. Tapanuli Malau to North and Central Tapanuli be submitted to the brigade and Army XI Tapanuli Navy Indonesia Weigh SOVEREIGNTY AND RECEIVED BY DUTCH POLICE In residency Tapanuli 1) Under the command of Police Chief of North Sumatra, in order to prepare troops MAS KADIRAN MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra Police to handover the Netherlands to the Indonesian police, with the news of the Joint Officer CAPTAIN IBRAHIM HAJI, on the appointed day the North Sumatra Police chief Mr Darwin Karim and Mas Kadiran with 2 Company MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra and 1 Battalion – B Mursalin Tello leaders went to Padang Sidempuan to weigh thank the Dutch police, from Padang Sidempuan continued to Sibolga and Tarutung, Weigh accept walk safely, orderly and smooth .

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