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In many real situations, the diagnosis data cannot provide deterministic values and are usually imprecise or uncertain.Thus, interval-valued fuzzy sets (IVFSs) are very suitable for expressing imprecise or Fault diagnosis is an important task for the normal operation and maintenance of equipment.This paper, which aims to be a reference for those interested in computing word similarity in Portuguese, presents several approaches for this task and is motivated by the recent availability of state-of-the-art distributional models of Portuguese words, which add to several lexical knowledge bases (LKBs) for this language, available for a longer time.The previous resources were exploited to answer word similarity tests, which also became recently available for Portuguese.TV, mail, mobile and digital are all effective fundraising methods but unlike Street/Door to Door Fundraising or Telemarketing they can also be passively ignored and recently I have started to see this ‘ignorability’ as a positive.

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They are so effective because the ask is harder to ignore but are we damaging the experience of giving by making people say “no” so often?Thus, interval-valued fuzzy sets (IVFSs) are very suitable for expressing imprecise or uncertain fault information in real problems.However, existing literature scarcely deals with fault diagnosis problems, such as gasoline engines and steam turbines with IVFSs.Full article A single-valued neutrosophic set has king power to express uncertainty characterized by indeterminacy, inconsistency and incompleteness.Most of the existing single-valued neutrosophic cross entropy bears an asymmetrical behavior and produces an undefined phenomenon in some situations.

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