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That dream was telling me to integrate someone with my brother's IT skills and someone I could trust like my brother into my team.

This one is super common and can make it difficult to face your co-worker the next day.

Lauri started off by telling me that having pervy sex dreams don't make us quite as pervy as we thought: Sex in a dream is rarely about sex at all!I don't care who you are or how morally upright you may be — sex dreams happen. But there I was, four years after high school ended, having a creepy, pervy dream about him. HOW could I ever face him again knowing I have this weird subconscious thing for him?And more often than not, they're really f*cking (ha, literally) weird. So I decided to go to famed dream expert Lauri Loewenberg to find out once and for all where those pervy dreams come from and what they say about our subconscious minds.But if this is someone you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, fear not.Your naughty dream is either because you recently connected with that co-worker on some level or there is something about the co-worker you need to incorporate into yourself. Your subconscious may feel there is some quality they possess that would be beneficial to you if you were to take it on as your own.

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