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Now, an Amerasian group has launched a last-chance effort to reunite fathers and children with a new DNA database on a family heritage Web site. The apricot flower trees, symbol of the spring festival of Tet, are in bloom. She hopes to use potential matches to help make the case for about 400 whose applications for U. More than 3,000 Vietnamese orphans were evacuated from Vietnam in the chaotic final days of war.

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The airline initially faced sanctions for defying U. officials, but support from the American public ensured the flights continued almost until Saigon's fall on April 30.

“ ‘I didn’t know how to be there, or I would have been there.

All I can tell you is I was surprised, and I hate finding out 45 years later.’ ” Tentative contacts followed, although Nhan speaks no English and does not have a computer.

The disparity in their lives was not lost on Thedford.

“He just kept saying, ‘I didn’t know,’ ” Gaines said.

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