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The aftermath of full blown mania is a little like an alcoholic getting sober – the flashbacks begin – along with a slowly dawning recognition of all that has been squandered or destroyed.

Bipolar stories are invariably gut-wrenching litanies of loss and regret.

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For me, reading bipolar stories was a crucial part of getting well.We were deeply in love and had achieved a lot together. Soon after building a beautiful home at the beach (that we were making great capital gains on), I just had to move.My restlessness continued although I was happy in my marriage and I was getting lots of stimulation through aggressive (and very successful! I just went on developing more anger and concentration problems.My work life was all over the place – sometimes I was highly productive and could be a very genial and supportive colleague.Other times my concentration was hopeless, I would day dream the hours away and chronically procrastinate.

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