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I was coming out of my hotel room and on the hallway in between my room and the elevator was a black feather. A black feather means different things to different people. I live at the Jersey Shore and never see black feathers …It kinda looked synthetic, but my initial reaction was, oh it looks like a crows feather. Example: I could’ve grown up in a rural area where black feathers were found all the time. I could think it was a message of looming danger, it would be that.This list is based on my own experience of healing from limerence, having read hundreds of other people's' stories and also from the many clients i've coached and counselled with limerence, addictions and attachment trauma.The one thing i can't stress more than anything is limerence is all about us. They are mirrors that show us our own difficulties in forming healthy relationships.Limerence is also a symptom of relational trauma from early life attachment wounds.Jumping ship to a new relationship is not the answer for limerence.I found that the best way to fight it was by small acts of defiance, such as: distracting myself from thinking about LO for a few minutes, resisting the urge to text LO, not looking at her, etc--kind of mental guerilla warfare.

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Break the habit of thinking/obsessing/fantasizing about LO I'll hit the high points here, but this is a MAJOR part of dealing with limerence, so don't skip over it.Habits are all about triggers that stimulate an action which leads to a perceived reward.In the case of limerence, something (a trigger) will cause you to think of LO (the action) which will bring you pleasure (the reward) for a moment.There is no magical other, no quick fix through the emotional turmoil.If we leave our current relationship to be with LO, we take ourselves and all our emotional baggage with us and miss the opportunity of doing some really deep and important growth work.

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