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To String Dim mycategory As String = category Textbox.

From Argb(0x507CD1); break; } }protected void Details View1_Item Inserting(object sender, Details View Insert Event Args e) { Text Box textbox1 = (Text Box)Details View1.

Take a look at my post called Creating a Gridview and Formview Master/Child page for more information.

Then, when the user updates that user, we want the new information to be “pushed” back into the Grid View.

fairly common for Web applications to work on a single record at a r example, displaying the contents of a single record of data is a necessary practice when you build master/detail views.

Drag a Sql Data Source control from the data tab of Visual Studio 2008.Now to pouplate value from database in selected index of dropdown and then set the new selected value in sqldatasource parameter write below mentioned code in Data Bound and Item Updating Event of Details View respectively.What I can suggest is to use the Rad Grid's Item_Data Bound server event handler and set the selected color using the code behind where you can do the needed casts as shown below: Hi Jim, in case you haven't gotten the answer yet here's mine.Here Database name is Employee and table name is tbl Emps.For achieve paging set Allow Paging property as True.

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