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I hadn’t really been listening when she explained what they had been doing but I ventured a non-committal: “So why did you decide to do that?

” She snorted slightly and said incredulously: “To save the world, of course.” As she was very hot, I looked deeply into my drink, fighting the impulse to mock her misplaced self-confidence and incorrect opinions.

It’s legal in many parts of the world, it’s cheap and it reliably produces a short-lasting euphoria as well as heightened senses and a slight feeling of disconnect from the body and is often used as a drug at concerts, nightclubs and festivals.

And it can be combined with other drugs to alter the effects.

There are also case reports of dependence in people – often medical professionals – who have access to large quantities of the drug.I was never going to embrace their love of spitty little roll-ups and oversized sunglasses, while they would never share my ambitions of owning a house that doesn’t have wheels and working for a living. I remember getting in a yellow VW van with one of my favourite hippy friends – after I had moved a pile of her underwear and swept Bombay mix from the passenger seat.During our journey I started to get a headache – possibly because she was rambling on about dolphins or something.Despite her wrong outlook on life, this treehugger is still a close friend and on other road trips with her I have got engine oil on clothes from assorted motor parts and put my knee in a blob of ice cream.I know what you are thinking – obviously she performed some naked chanting by way of an apology.

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