Updating certifications and representations

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Vandenberg AFB issued a total small business set aside Solicitation FA4610-14-C-0015 under FAR Part 15 Contracting for Negotiations for the replacement of fire suppression systems at three buildings.

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The offeror shall indicate which option applies by checking one of the boxes: The small business offeror checked the block that “( X ) Paragraph (d) applies” and believed erroneously that he did not have to do anything else with respect to this Representations and Certifications since he had an active and current SAM registration.During the oral debrief, the business learned that their proposal was deemed to be “non-responsive” since the small business did not fill out the representation at DFARS 252.209-7993 Representation by Corporations Regarding an Unpaid Delinquent Tax Liability or A Felony Conviction under any Federal Law –Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriations (Deviation 2014 OO0009) (FEB 2014). Instead attach a copy of the provision not include in the SAM.In addition to noting that this provision was incorporated into Solicitation Section K in full text, the contracting officer pointed out the following Section L Instructions to Offerors that highlight the need to submit SAM Representations and Certifications AND any Representations and Certifications NOT included in the SAM. Gov printout.” A review of the Small Business’s SAM FAR and DFAR Report (Representations and Certifications) indicates that there are only seven DFARS provisions in SAM and the DFARS provision cited above is not one of them. Gov website posts announcements such as the following to alert registrants to update their SAM Representations and Certifications.The small business later received a notice of unsuccessful offer from the contracting officer. If the representations, certifications and acknowledgments (Section K) are completed through System for Award Management (SAM.Since the small business’s proposed price was lower than the apparent successful offeror’s price, the business requested a post award debrief in accordance with FAR 15.506. Complete the representations, certifications, and acknowledgments. Gov) then Section K need not be submitted in its entirety.

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