Updating certifications and representations

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As noted below, this provision allows offerors to submit their Representations and Certifications electronically via SAM. “52.204-8(b)(2) If the provision at 52.204-7 is not included in this solicitation, and the offeror is currently registered in System for Award Management (SAM), and has completed the Representations and Certifications section of SAM electronically, the offeror may choose to use paragraph (d) of this provision instead of completing the corresponding individual representations and certifications in the solicitation.The offeror shall indicate which option applies by checking one of the boxes: The small business offeror checked the block that “( X ) Paragraph (d) applies” and believed erroneously that he did not have to do anything else with respect to this Representations and Certifications since he had an active and current SAM registration.

52.203-2, Certificate of Independent Price Determination. This provision applies to solicitations when a firm-fixed-price contract or fixed-price contract with economic price adjustment is contemplated, unless - 52.222-38, Compliance with Veterans' Employment Reporting Requirements. 30, 2010; 76 FR 31402, 31414, May 31, 2011; 76 FR 68031, Nov. This article highlights a situation where total reliance upon completed Representations and Certifications in SAM may keep an otherwise qualified small business from winning a government contract due to their failure to fill out new Representations and Certifications that are not yet part of the SAM registration process.The following case highlights this insidious issue.Vandenberg AFB issued a total small business set aside Solicitation FA4610-14-C-0015 under FAR Part 15 Contracting for Negotiations for the replacement of fire suppression systems at three buildings.The basis of award was Low Price Technically Acceptable.

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