Pacthesis new dating games

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Then, I decided to check Pacthesis out, just on a whim, and she’d made something completely different from her normal formula.Strange things happen in West Cigam, from aliens to ghosts.Now, if you want the cute boy, you just gotta remember to track him down and chat with him as much as possible.Most of the time, you’ll get the usual schtick, where you pick one of two responses to earn some points towards their ending but, occasionally, you’ll trigger an important event in their story that you need to participate in for the best ending.Instead of a one-month relationship that you have to rush to make work, you have four weeks that represent the four different seasons in Cigam, meaning you spend a whole year on this endeavor.It gives a sense of progression rather than a set time limit and it’s very satisfying. Indeed, the dating mechanic is still around, but far simpler than it used to be.You can raise your mood, thankfully, by watching movies, reading books, and other such things.If you need more energy before bedtime, there’re places to buy food.

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So she’s pretty thrilled when her family finally moves there for good.

As such, he tends to read and keep to himself most of the time until protagonist de jour comes and does what she does best: drag him out of the shadow and give him something to really stutter about.

Haru’s story is sympathetic and sweet, and he himself is pretty damn cute.

I do feel him being the assertive, go-getter of the group could have been pushed much harder though, and his sensible personality did taste a bit bland on occasion.

Still, his storyline is sympathetic enough that I found the flavor to my liking eventually.

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