Lesbian dating sights

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I also facilitate nursing students, because I am a huge show off and love sharing my knowledge I love chihuahuas and have two; Imogene and Wiki. Have a great sense of humour although i can be shy when i first meet people are am in group situations so i tend to sit back and take in what is going on and observe or join in conversation.. I spend time reading, gaming, watching tv while I crochet, and have recently started going to the gym. T, so being active requires a conscious effort, but I enjoy it.

I am looking Intelligent, attractive, overweight single mother of two looking for stimulating conversation, sparks & intimacy.

There's nothing sexier than the small of a woman's back, There's nothin that turns me on more than the inside of a woman's thigh, There is nothinh that smells sweeter than the sent of a Woman, And I'm outgoing, honest, competitive, I LUV watching sports, shopping, the outdoors, indoors if shopping!!

I'm very optimistic, passionate, confident, but easygoing and love to laugh.

I want to be a smart arse, and write something smart arsey but it will come out completely wrong, so how about I don't !!!

Other than your standards, I like music Well lets start with the most important, my likes: Well Australia, thats why I'm here. Happy positive people, chocolate, strawberries, chocolate coated strawberries, raspberries, raspberries coated in chocolate, food in general.

Simple things, the things that we can do quietly together, make up the stuff Greetings, time to update. Well, i´m about 170cm tall, love to laugh, love to make ppl laugh, and don´t mind having a bit of fun.

Life´s too short to be serious all the time I´m an earthy Taurus - easy-going, sensual and interested in wellbeing, fun and genuine connections.

I like to spend time with friends and family whether its for Hello, enough procrastinating, time to try and articulate who I am and why I´m perched here nervously on the sofa...

I am friendly, approachable and talkative, humorous with a generous spirit. I dont ask Hi , I am a Canadian who has lived here for many years, I love to laugh and enjoy life, I love music and all the arts as well as reading and learning.

I live to travel the world, see new and different I love adventure motorcycle touring,gardening, bush walking and camping to name a few things.

I enjoy what most people seem to love, dinner out, dinner in with great I am continually learning what love means.

I like to be around people with whom I feel good, vital, valued; those who want what I can so joyfully give.

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