Dating multilingual software

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Here’s how: Adding Translated Content to your Support Center Once the content is in the system, you can use it in Business Rules, Filters, and Macros to enable your agents to provide support in all the languages that you have enabled.Here’s how: Responding to Cases with Translated Content Track the status of your content with the Translation Management System.Before your agents will be able to support your customers in various languages, you’ll need to add the translated content to your Support Center.Once that’s done, your customers will be able to view the content in the various languages and you can create macros for your agents in each supported language.See the overview of our pricing plans or reach out to Sales for more info.

Using deep learning and social listening our AI learns how users react emotionally to news.

Our AI trained on over 0.7B emotions instantly analyses text and predict emotions from the readers' perspective.

We use 5 key emotions: Love, Laughter, Surprise, Sadness and Anger.

Lingobit Localizer presents user with translatable data in one screen where translator can easily see progress of translation efforts.

Whats more, translator of multilingual software can be controlled by project coordinator by using sophisticated report functionality.

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