Ubuntu server updating

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I currently run ND under my server’s primary user account “administrator”. manual intervention and confirmation) necessary for updating?

The general installation guide is so nice and foolproof, but it seems that currently, the updating guide kind of lacks in that department in my opinion.

I’m currently in the process of migrating my server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to a headless Ubuntu Server for better performance and the advantages of the ext filesystem over ntfs.

As of now, I have my test environment in a virtual machine to play around and make sure, I know how everything works (I’m not big on Linux) before actually making the final step and formatting my physical server (and re-formatting all drives from ntfs to ext4, which will be a pain, I’m sure).

I installed my test environment prior to this announcement and it is currently running

I switched to the “develop” branch and it now offers me the 1505 version, but when I click on Install (which in Windows would do everything automatically), it takes me to the Installation Guide (https://github.com/Nzb Drone/Nzb Drone/wiki/Installation).

What permissions you need to configure for updating to work depend on where drone is installed and how it is run, running via upstart will have some issues with restarting from the UI because of how it works, which will likely cause issues with the updater as well.

not that this has anything to do with your question but just curious is moving to ubuntu server really that much of a performance increase i mean with ram so readily available and at affordable prices unless you have a super old machine or some specific requirements that may you need to use linux is it really worth it i have found testing both that Nzb Drone runs so much better in a windows environment mine hardly ever crashes yet i hear of it doing some issue on linux quite often maybe i am just biased but running a Windows Server to me is so much easier and can be just as reliable as a linux server if setup correctly but with the added benefit of ease of use i have been running a server using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 for months now and no issues at all everything runs fine i can download stream content back it up everything that i would be doing if on linux i don’t get any viruses because i don’t use the browser and only install maybe 5 or 6 programs all of which are safe to use the only internet connection is for files downloaded in sabnzbd I am building a new server when i can afford all the hardware and i plan to install either Server 2012 or Win 8 as the OS and plan to have it on a SSD so yeah you have to reboot more often with windows but it is not a production server just a basic home server and with the SSD it is like 1 minute tops i think i can wait 1 minute for a server to restart once a month especially when it is schedule for early morning when i am asleep @markus101: For the default installation I just did sudo apt-get install nzbdrone, after switching branches from master to develop in the webif, it doesn’t offer any updates when doing sudo apt-get update and upgrade.

ubuntu server updating-47

To update manually just follow the same steps you did to install (minus adding the repo).

Don’t I need some kind of different repo for the develop branch?

I set up a new test server yesterday, and it still installed the master version from 07 may through the repo and only shows updates, when switching to develop, which, in turn, don’t install automatically. It runs okay with Windows Server 2008 R2, but from time to time with heavy work loads (lots of post processing in sab for example), ram gets a little short, I even get timeouts loading ND then, which is annoying.

Does that mean that to update I have to clone the git again?

What is necessary to get ND to update itself and restart automatically after an update (like it does on Windows)?

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